Keeping Cats Off Your Table

Keeping Cats Off Your Table

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You are not the sole sufferer if your kitty always wants to get in your table. Given their activity, it may seem that a table magically attracts every cat in the vicinity to sit on it. Yes, it may look cute, but is also annoying. If you want to keep your cat off the table, fear not, there are ways to do that too.

Climbing furniture

You can offer your fluffy kitty alternatives to tables. Do remember that your cat does not like your table due to its design; It likes the furniture as the latter helps them to gain height. They want to climb. As an owner, it is your responsibility to satisfy their need. Purchase a cat tree or if you are good with your hands, just build a number of shelves tacked to the wall or even a freestanding structure. These are all vanilla options. You can get creative with the climbing support part. Many owners craft small bridges and ledges to satisfy even the most curious cats.

Keep in mind that what you build must satisfy your cat. The climbing furniture must be attractive to the kitty and its aesthetic is secondary from your human perspective. The structure should make your cat happy. Place catnip and toys on it. When it finally reaches the top, pet it and give heaps of praise. Do not hesitate to give it dinner on the new furniture so that it spends more time on it.

Off the table

Just bringing a new structure does not mean your kitty will forget its beloved table. There is a distinct possibility that it will find a renewed love for the table and jump on it. When it does that, do not shout at your cat or punish it. Pick the kitty up and place on designated furniture. When it's on the structure, give her fulsome praise and pet her the way it likes.

Since you have already bought or built furniture exclusively for your cat, it is time to deter it from climbing the table. You must make the table surface as much unappealing as possible. One way to do this is to buy cheap plastic placemats and use double-sided tape to cover one side. Kitties do not like sticky surfaces and this should deter them. The sticky surface is unpleasant to the cat and it will jump down from the table.

You may need to put the placemat and the sticky surface arrangement for a few weeks before your kitty is fully trained to avoid the table. The training could be a pain but worth it. It is a temporary arrangement and you can start removing placemats in installments from the table surface.

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