How to Keep Your Pet's Coat Flea-free and Shiny this Monsoon

How to Keep Your Pet's Coat Flea-free and Shiny this Monsoon

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While monsoons bring in a respite from the hot summers, they also bring a whole bunch of problems for our furry friends. Pesky little fleas and ticks love to latch on to your pets in the humid weather. Once infested with them, your pet experiences extreme discomfort in the form of relentless itching. Your canines and felines need special care during these months so that these fleas do not transmit deadly diseases to them. Here are a few ways you can be a responsible pet parent and help your pets be flea-free this monsoon -

Try to keep them dry at all times

The number one cause for itchy skin in your pet is a damp coat. The longer your pet stays wet after being in the rain or after a bath, the higher is the chance of a skin infection. It is difficult to gauge when it might rain in the monsoon season. Since you know the probability of it is high, it is only wise to always stay prepared for it. Buy your pet a sturdy and waterproof pet raincoat. Make sure to put it on your pet whenever you take them out for a walk.

Take good care of their paws

If your pet is patient enough, buy them a pair of rain boots. It will keep their feet dry and prevent them from stepping into the icky garbage on the road. Because of this, their paws and coat will stay germ-free. It also prevents them from licking their paws, thus avoiding the ingestion of germs. In case your pet is too fidgety to wear boots, check between their toes for ticks or fleas and make sure to clean their paws thoroughly.

Keep their fur short

The longer the hair, the more difficult it gets to keep it dry. To easily manage and keep your pet's coat healthy and shiny, use a small pair of scissors or a trimmer to trim their fur short. You do not have to shave them completely. In fact, it is not advisable to do so either. If you do not know what would be an appropriate length, take your pet to a pet grooming service and let them take care of it for you.

Give them a dry place to sleep in

If you haven't already, provide a clean and dry place for your pet to rest and sleep in. If you cannot find a place in your lawn or backyard, find them a dry place inside the house. It is essential for them to be in a dry place, and sleeping outside during monsoons can be difficult for your adorable pet. Monsoons donโ€™t have to mean gloom for your pets. They can enjoy the most out of it if you are a proactive pet parent and take good care of your pets when they need you the most.

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