How to Exercise Your Lazy Cat?


It is okay if your cat is always sleeping. Most cats spend their daytime sleeping. They reserve their energy for night-time playing and hunting. Since you must sleep at night, you should make your cat play during the day too. The playing activity will make your cat tired, and both of you can sleep without any disturbance.

Check for health issues

However, if your energetic cat suddenly seems to be uninterested in playing games, and does not look towards toys, take it to the veterinarian. There could be health issues involved in making the cat lethargic. If your cat loves to stay indoors, it is your responsibility to give it exercise. Your job is to stimulate it so that the cat exercises. To do this, you have to change the immediate environment.

Finding the correct toy

You should find toys which your cat likes. This is tricky as each cat has a unique taste and all are picky. It is not sufficient to have a house filled with cat toys. Your cat would like a particular toy and exclude all others. To understand what to buy, carefully observe your kitty. If it is unmoved by a mechanical mouse but jumps up when it sees a dangling toy, you know what to buy. Do not hesitate to buy a few kinds of toys to find out the kind of toys it likes best.

It is not enough to buy your cat toys. You must play with it too. This is critical to make your lazy cat an active animal. The toys are fun, but your cat will be joyous if you play with it. Buy a laser pointer and switch it on to activate the natural prey instincts of your cat. A wand toy is also a good buy in this regard. Hide the toy sometimes to encourage your cat to search and hunt. Give a treat at the end. It will make the cat feel that he has hunted down the prey. Buy a few battery operated toys; these are excellent if your kitty loves to pounce on things. Some battery toys can be set with a timer so that they become active even when you are not at home. You can give food puzzles to your cat so that the kitty's meal times are not only delicious but adventurous too.

Buy premium quality food for your cat. Giving it cheaper food mean it does not get all the nutrients needed to be active and healthy. Speak to the veterinarian about your kitty's particular dietary requirements. Get suggestions on what type of food would be the best for your cat. Remember to give your furball enough water as dehydration leads to lethargy.

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