The Cat Breeds that Love Sleeping


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If you are looking for a cat which spends most of its time sleeping, you are in luck. Although there are breeds which are known for their hilarious antics, there are several felines which prefer a laid-back lifestyle.

These cats love to spend time with you while you watch your favorite show on Netflix. They donโ€™t need a lot of attention, as they can take care of themselves. As a result, if you live in an apartment or lead a busy lifestyle, you can adopt one of these five cat breeds:

American Shorthair

One of the least demanding breeds of felines is American Shorthair, which has European descents. They are popular among cat owners, because of their laid-back and gentle attitude towards life.

The American Shorthair prefers to sleep on your sofa with you beside it, rather than running circles around your garden. However, they are known to get obese, so make sure you give them ample amounts of exercise, to prevent excess weight gain. If you get it a lot of cat toys, you wonโ€™t ever face this problem in the future.


They are similar to Persians, but with shorter coats, making them excellent low maintenance four-legged companions. Exotic breed of felines is peaceful and quiet by nature, due to which they love sleeping on your bed.

They wonโ€™t have any trouble living in an apartment, as long as you spend enough time with them. Do make sure you pet them while you are at home, as they love getting attention from you.

Maine Coon

Despite their large size, they are extremely gentle, making them the perfect cuddling companions. They tend to be affectionate towards you while remaining quiet all the time. The best part is their gentle nature, which ensures they remain calm and composed in your household.

You can relax with the Maine Coon, after a long day at work, as there is nothing more they love than spending time with their owner.


Ask any cat owner about Ragdolls, and you will only hear stories of them lying around, relaxing, and spending time with them. They are not energetic like a lot of felines, due to which they can adapt to sedentary lifestyles easily.

One of their favorite activities all time is to be in your arms, as they love all the attention you give them. If you have children, donโ€™t worry, as these breeds are extremely gentle.


Out of all the cat breeds in this list, none love sleeping more than Persians. Even if you spend a lot of time at home, they prefer lazing around and relaxing. As long as they can avoid high-energy activities, they will lead a happy life.

Out of all these cat breeds, which one are you going to adopt so that you have the perfect sleeping companion?

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