What Do Your Dogโ€™s Stomach Noises Mean?


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Your dogโ€™ stomach is a very important organ. This is where the food is digested and broken down to provide your dog with energy and nutrition.Now, there is a possibility you may come across a scenario involving strange sounds coming from your furry friendโ€™s stomach. Generally, thereโ€™s nothing to bother as these sounds are normal. However, if you notice it too often and if your dog doesnโ€™t seem to be himself/herself, there could be a connection.Here are a few possible issues that could be causing those stomach noises.


A loud noise from your dogโ€™s stomach could indicate indigestion. But, do look for other symptoms as well to confirm indigestion. The other symptoms are vomiting, loss of appetite, and constipation. If you find that your dog is showing all these signs along with the stomach noises, there is a good chance that he/she has indigestion. Indigestion usually occurs when the dogโ€™s diet has suddenly been altered or if your dog has consumed feces or garbage. The treatment plan would normally include a supplementary diet of fiber or even fasting.Thereโ€™s no cause for concern as indigestion can be quite common in dogs. However, there are cases where indigestion can be a sign of intestinal occlusion. So, take your dog to the vet in any case. Itโ€™s for your own peace of mind.

Other serious issues

Apart from indigestion, there could be other serious issues causing those weird stomach noises. For example, gastrointestinal diseases and intestinal parasites are some of the most common issues for which stomach noises are a symptom. There could also be issues such as metabolic or endocrinal disorders.As a pet owner, you need to look out for other clinical signs as well. If your dog hyper-salivates, has diarrhea or vomiting, or becomes lethargic, the stomach noises could mean much more. Also, look for signs of abdominal pain, which is characterized by your dogโ€™s hunched posture. A visit to the vet is advisable in such scenarios.

The not so scary causes of stomach noises

Apart from the issues mentioned above, stomach noises can be caused by the usual processes and actions taking place in your dogโ€™s body. For instance, hunger can cause your dogโ€™s stomach to growl or gurgle, just like it does in humans. These noises are produced when there are contractions in the gastrointestinal tract. You are likely to hear these โ€œhunger noisesโ€ in the mornings or generally, before meal time.Other than hunger, even the ingestion of air can create stomach noises. When dogs eat in a rush or breathe heavily, they ingest an excess amount of air. To avoid this, you can try to feed your dog using a special bowl or disturb the process by placing something in the bowl. This will force him/her to eat slowly. Lastly, even the process of digestion can create stomach noises.

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