How to Click Instagram-Worthy Shots of Your Puppy And Build a Successful Page Make Your Puppy a Model Without Too Many Hassles

How to Click Instagram-Worthy Shots of Your Puppy And Build a Successful Page

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Instagram is a place to be if you want your puppy to be famous. However, it takes serious dedication and commitment to become a successful Instagram pet parent.

There's no doubt that Instagram is the social media platform for dog lovers. Whether you want to show off your canine companion or enjoy scrolling through photos of other people's pups, there's an endless supply of cute puppies.

The key to becoming a successful Instagram dog owner is figuring out how to take the best pictures of your pet and then building an online following around them. 

We've compiled some tips on creating a successful Instagram profile for your puppy, from what camera you should use to what kind of lighting will make your dog look its best. Follow these steps, and soon enough, you'll get likes from thousands of other dog-lovers worldwide.

Get A Grip

The first step to taking a good picture of your puppy is ensuring you have a firm grip on your camera. If you're using a cell phone, ensure your fingers cover both corners of the screen. If you're using a traditional DSLR, check that all three buttons (shutter release, mode dial, and ISO) are accessible by placing one hand under the lens and another on top.

While holding the camera with two hands is usually recommended for stability purposes, this can lead to blurry images if not done properly. Instead of gripping the camera with one hand while pressing down on its shutter release button with another, try wrapping both hands around its body so that they form something like an upside-down clamshell or U shape around where it meets its lens barrel at its center point. It will help steady things out as much as possible without sacrificing flexibility or mobility in either arm when composing shots later on.

Work On The Angles

Knowing what angles to shoot from is important because a good shot can make or break your page. The most popular Instagram angles are the profile shot, the eye-level shot, and the down-the-nose shot. The profile is a classic dogshot that's easy to do. For this one, you'll want to use your phone or camera on its side and capture your pup looking straight ahead (i.e., towards the camera). For this shot, you can use Kong Toys or interactive dog toys to catch their attention. 

Find The Perfect Lighting

Natural light is your best bet when it comes to the perfect light for your puppy shots. Avoid direct sun and instead, look for shade or indirect sunlight that's soft and warm. Don't be afraid to take advantage of natural lighting by adjusting the angle of your shot. If a bright patch of sunlight is coming through a window, try shooting from below; it'll create a beautiful glow on your pup's fur. 

Try using artificial lighting when shooting in low-light conditions, like inside a dark room or at night. Just make sure it doesn't come from behind the camera (that will cast shadows). To highlight details in darker areas without sacrificing overall exposure, use an off-camera flash or other lighting sources that can be controlled remotely (like an LED lamp). If you have an on-camera flash, diffuser panels are great tools for softening harsh light sources.

Prepare Your Puppy For The Shot

You don't want your photos to accurately depict how your puppy is feeling, which is why it's essential to have them in a good mood. Ensure they're clean and well-groomed, well fed, well rested, and exercised before taking any photos. Feed them some luxury indulgent dog food like Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Blue Diamond Dog Food, Blue Wilderness Dog Food, Canidae Dog Food, Eukanuba Dog Food, and Hill Science Dog Food.

If you need help getting your pup into the right mindset for being photographed, there are some easy tricks you can use:

  • Give them a treat like Milk-Bone Dog Treats before the photo shoot starts. It will make them more willing to stay still so that you can take some perfect shots. You can also make use of calming treats for dogs to get them to be still.

  • Try playing with their favorite dog chew toys while having them pose for the camera. It should keep their attention focused on something else other than trying to get away from those annoying flashes of light.

Take Advantage Of Your Puppy's Personality

Your pup will be the star of your Instagram page, so it's essential to make sure you're able to capture their personality. As with any other person or animal, dogs have different personalities. Some are more outgoing and friendly than others, while some might be more timid or reserved.

To discover your puppy's personality, start by observing them in real life. Are they playful? Shy? Excited? Calm? Once you know their personality better, getting them into the right mood for a photo shoot will be easier. 

Clean Up!

Now that you've picked the perfect spot, it's time to clean up. To take Instagram-worthy shots of your puppy and build a successful page, you first need to ensure that the background is clean. It means taking care of any messes your dog makes on his walk outdoors. Clean up any food or water spills, toys he chews on, hair he sheds (or smells like), poop outside, and anything else that might distract from your pup's cuteness.

Cleanliness also applies when taking photos inside; before shooting anything else with your pup, pick up soiled laundry, clean floors and surfaces touched by pets and humans alike, and vacuum rugs where necessary.! If someone walks into the room after this has been done? They'll be impressed by how well-kept everything looks. And there's nothing more appealing than an organized space filled with beautiful things. It will help ensure their focus remains squarely on what matters most, you two together.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Clicking Your Puppy

The best way to take a picture of your puppy is to forget about all the bells and whistles. Avoid using modes that give you more control over the camera's settings. In particular, do not use the flash, zoom (digital or optical), timer, selfie, video, burst, panorama, or portrait modes.

The only setting that you should change is white balance. It can help make your photos look better under different lighting conditions by adjusting how reds are displayed on the screen. The automatic setting works well enough in most cases. If you're shooting indoors with lots of artificial light, try switching it over manually, so your puppy looks as natural as possible in their surroundings.

Tips to Become Insta-Famous Pet Parent

Your puppy has a lot of energy, and it's up to you to capture that energy engagingly on Instagram. If your pup is more interested in chasing leaves than sitting still for a photo, try photographing them as they play. It can be more challenging than taking pictures of your dog calmly laying down or sleeping, but the result will be worth the extra effort; playful photos are sure to make you smile.

If your puppy is hardly ever calm enough for a nice relaxing shot with its eyes closed, try getting creative with props or settings. Your options are limited only by your imagination—toys, blankets, food bowls, and even bedding can make great additions to any photo shoot! Remember not to overdo it; every picture should look natural and not overdone.


We hope you've enjoyed this guide and found it helpful. If you want to become an Insta-famous pet parent, remember that it requires a lot of work and determination. You must find the perfect location, set up your lighting, prep your pup for the shot, take advantage of their personality (and yours), and clean up after yourself. But if you follow these steps and keep in mind these tips for taking Instagram-worthy shots, you're sure to master photography with furry friends in no time.

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