How to Choose a Dog Harness

How to Choose a Dog Harness

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A dog harness can be a better option than a leash around the neck. With a dog harness, the pressure is distributed over your dog's shoulder, instead of focusing directly on the neck. Dog leashes can lead to and aggravate existing neck problems in dogs if one is not careful with their usage. If you own a small breed dog or a puppy, a dog harness is a much better idea than a dog leash. However, it might not be the right fit for a larger dog, as a larger dog will be able to pull on the leash quite hard. Whether a dog harness is suitable for your dog or what kind of dog harness you should get for your dog, depends entirely on your pet's size, activity level, and temperament.

Dog harness checklist

These are some boxes your dog harness should be able to tick โ€“

  • It should fit well โ€“ Should you get a front-clip or a back-clip harness? Back clip harnesses are usually preferred over front-clip harnesses as dogs tend to tangle their front legs in the front-clip variants. However, they offer you more control over the dogโ€™s movement, whereas the back clip harnesses only offer limited control.
  • It should measure up โ€“ You want your dog harness to be of the right material and good size. If you are buying your puppy a harness, keep checking the fit as your puppy will grow out of the first harness in a matter of weeks.
  • Is your dog interested in wearing it? โ€“ Take your dog to a pet store and try out different harnesses. If your dog seems excited, you will know you wonโ€™t have a problem getting him to wear it. By visiting and trying harnesses at a pet store, you will also be able to assess how easy/difficult it is, to have your dog wear their harness.
  • Do you need padding โ€“ While some short-haired breeds can use extra padding in their harness to protect against abrasions caused by rubbing. Other races will do perfectly well without padding.
  • Check if it compatible with your leash โ€“ You might want to try out your leash on the harness from time to time, for added protection. Check for whether you can attach your dog leash to your newly purchased dog harness.
  • Do you need to invest in harnesses with reflective material? โ€“ Reflective material will make your dog more visible when you take him out for walks during late evenings/dawns.

The above checkpoints should help you buy your dog the dog harness he deserves and the one, he can benefit from. The next time you intend to buy a leash to train your pup, consider investing on a dog harness instead. It will keep your pup safe from being gagged if the leash isn't handled carefully.

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