Strange Wires Found in Pedigree Dog Food, Owners Furious

Strange Wires Found in Pedigree Dog Food, Owners Furious

Earlier this week, pet parents looking to scoop their dog a bowl of breakfast were shocked to find visible fibers - or wires - sticking out of their petโ€™s food. Not wanting to feed their precious pups something that could carve up their insides, many pet parents took to the message boards and social media to express their outrage.Some have even reported the odd wires as being the cause for their dogโ€™s untimely death.Pedigree has gone on record stating that these mysterious strands jutting out from their kibble are nothing more than meat bi-products, like โ€œnaturally occurring meat fibers,โ€ bone meal, or hair. However - and this has not been verified - there has been at least one instance of a person claiming that, when exposed to a magnet, the fiber stuck.Many suspect that these odd wires are a result of Pedigreeโ€™s new โ€˜meatierโ€™ formula. While that can neither be confirmed nor denied, the fact remains that Pedigreeโ€™s kibble has received numerous reports of being riddled with unknown strands.

"What the heck is this?"

While the overriding consensus is that these fibers are, in fact, a bi-product of the meat, the truth remains that these fibers are indicative of the quality of meat that Pedigree is using in their food. โ€œIt is everything left over after the meat has been removed from the animal. It is the bone, the marrow, the skin, hair, and cartilage ground up,โ€ says Dr. Brophy, a veterinarian at Rossmoyne Animal Emergency Trauma Center in Mechanicsburg. And while historically these leftover scraps have been deemed fine for pets to ingest, the question isย whether you are comfortable feeding this stuff to your pet. According to Pedigree, the fibers - while visually disturbing - are perfectly fine to eat. So, while there is no recall being issued as a result of the mystery wires, whether or not you feed these prickly kibble bits to your pet is entirely a judgment call.If you would rather not feed your pet food with strings hanging out of it, these are a few brands you might consider.

And, as always, if you notice anything strange as a result of something your dog ate, please contact your vet immediately.


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