Five Cats with A Lionโ€™s Mane!


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These beautiful cats may look intimidating with the ruffs around their neck that look like the lion's mane. But the mane is a natural adaption for the cold weather, and keeps the cat warm and comfortable as a scarf does to you! While in some cats the mane is natural, in others it is a result of selective breeding. Either way, these luxurious locks on these gorgeous cat breeds will make you fall in love with them.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cats are known to be sweet and gentle and make a loving pet. They are very good with children and other pets at home. They come in a wide assortment of colors from black to white, and every color and pattern in between. They are affectionately called Wedgie, and they are people-oriented. These cats love to be in high places and are incredibly adaptable. Their heavy coat is a result of their adaptability and the need to stay warm in the harsh Scandinavian winter.

Maine Coon Cat

These cats were first recognized centuries ago as a rodent-controlling farm cat. They have come a long way since then in becoming a show cat in the 19th century, and now are the most popular cats in the show ring. These felines are affectionate and intelligent and will follow you from one room to another, like a dog. They are named Maine Coon Cats for they were first recognized in Maine. They are America's only natural long-haired cats that adapted to the harsh conditions of the north-eastern United States.

Persian and Persian-Himalayans

They are well known for their long, silky, flowing coat which creates a thick, lion's mane-like ruff around their necks. These breeds of cats need extensive grooming to keep them mat-free and beautiful. They are one of the most popular breeds of cats and are bred for their sweet disposition, a trait that many people desire. The Persian and Persian-Himalayans are not only known for their gorgeous coat and lion-like mane, but also for their glamorous persona.

Siberian Cat

The Siberian Cat breed has made an appearance in Russian fairy tales and literature over the years and is recognized as Russia's national cat. It was discovered in the year 1000 in a Russian forest and has been around ever since. This beautiful feline is a celebrity with a hundred percent unique coat with a touch of Norwegian Forest Cat traits. Their coats are water-resistant, and the triple coat keeps them warm during the freezing Russian winters. These cats are found in every color imaginable, and they are powerfully built. 


It is one of the largest domestic cats with flowing fur. These cars are similar to Maine Coon when it comes to its size and the texture of the fur. The similarities end there. The Ragdoll cats are relaxed and floppy and have a reputation for going limp. They get their name for their character of being flaccid. They love to be cuddled, and their favorite way to be held is like a cradled bay.

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