Avoid these emotions if you are parenting a pet


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The present time is a confusing one. Old certainties are a matter of the past. Now is the time of new possibilities. You get pushed into the future, blind and bewildered. The biggest source of confusion is how having any pet automatically transforms you into a โ€œparentโ€. It is important that you get rid of such emotions.

False emotions

For the impartial observer, people referring to themselves as "dad" and "mom" for a dog or a cat or any other domesticated species seems benign at the beginning. It is clearly said to convey the deep love they feel for their pet. That by itself is not a cause for alarm. Having a pet in one's life is a boon, with an enriching and emotional connection with another living being a blessing to the soul. The problem starts when a human couple seriously believes that they are the parents of a pup or a kitty. The signs of this problem are seen almost immediately, with car stickers having content stating that their child has paws and the like.

Actual parenting is different

This sincerity of emotions is terrifying to both the lay observer and the psychologist. Many people cannot differentiate between an actual human child and a pet. Being a parent means connecting to the future. Only through a child, we can influence the world in the coming years. Having a pet and thinking about it as a child distorts such a thinking process. Thinking of your pet as a child is not a simple delusion, it is a horrible course of action to take. When someone regards their pet as their offspring, it signals a retreat from the real world. Equating a pet to actual children insults those who are really parents to young boys and girls. They feel angry but powerless to point out that there is a difference between their offspring and the pet.It is important to remember that the pet has parents of its own species. The actual parent., if it had the chance, would have taught its child how to survive in the world. The biological parent will teach its wards as where to locate food and where it could find a safe shelter. The young of the species would also be taught to avoid things which may kill it. In contrast, the human parent teaches it the rudiments of a so-called "civilized" life. The animal will be taught not to chew clothes and ruin the carpet by peeing on it. Humans tend to project their humanity on to other species. We do not want them to remain like animals, but rather be like us humans, a predictable species. This is as we like control and we impose it on everything we see and touch.

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