Alabama Dog Euthanized, Rises From the Dead

Alabama Dog Euthanized, Rises From the Dead


Dogs can be resilient animals, withstanding the elements to survive outdoors only to return home to families who are ecstatic to have them back. But sometimes, a canine gets put through the ringer and ends upย surprising even the veterinarians with theirย ability to persevere.According to Discovery News, a Black Labrador mix was being housed at an animal shelter in Helena, Alabama, after his owner could no longerย take care of him and dropped him off at the facility. Lazarus, as he was named by one of the attending staff members, spent a week in the shelter before

the doctor euthanized him - or so he thought

.After administeringย two shots that were intended to put the poor dog down, the 4-year-old pup was found alive the next morning, complete with a full stomach from eating his leftovers.ย Although he was a bit groggy and wobbly, Lazarus was alive and well in his cage. While a highly unusual circumstance, Auburn University professor Robert Lofton, D.V.M., suggested that the shelter may have administered an incorrect dose or missed the vein.Lazarus' miraculous survival is just one of many incredible pet stories that have sprung up throughout the years.

Inspiring 'tails' of animal survival

The Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals compiled a

list of amazing true stories from 2013

. These

animal survival

tales captured the hearts of many, displaying the resiliency of pets in the face of various threats.In May, Tarzan the orange cat was found abandoned in a dirty construction site, hiding from fast-moving cars and dangerous equipment. Covered head to toe in black tar, Tarzan was rescued by the MSPCA and shaved completely to get rid of the mangy coat. After enduring the lengthy cleaning process, the cat was swiftly adopted into a loving home where he lives happily to this day.A 7-week-old Pitbull puppy was found in a dumpster and was rescued by a kind-hearted stranger in April.ย He was suffering from a broken jawย andย spent eight weeks in the shelter, eating healthy food while wrapped in a warm blanket and surrounded by loving staff members. His jaw quickly began to heal and Oscar was adopted into a wonderful home soon after.These animals endured serious hardships and came back stronger than ever. For pet parents, they can fortify their furry friends' health with beneficial supplements from


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