How Cats Behave When Their Owners Die


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Many hold the opinion that cats get attached to places rather than to humans. Animal behaviorists concur. They say that cats are not socially sophisticated as dogs and use their intelligence to get find and defend their territory. Emotions are not their strong point.

Cats have emotions

Cat owners disagree with the above notions. They have conclusive proof that felines, like dogs, mourn the passing away of their human. Cats are equally capable as dogs to form bonds with owners and mourn when the latter dies. Since cats are individualistic, different cats show sadness in different ways. A few cats go away never to return after their owners die, while others roam beside their owners' grave.One thing is agreed upon by all: cats definitely grieve. It is a matter of conjecture, however, whether the sadness comes from the death of their own or through the acute fear of being abandoned. Cat owners themselves are divided on this one, saying that these depend on how close the cat was to its owner. It is seen that a cat in mourning will not properly eat her food. It will lose emotional bearings and be confused about the change in circumstances. This is more so when the cat knew its owner from the time it was an infant.

Stress and succor

A grieving cat may hide and even urinate in its bed due to stress. The animal will be clingy. They would desperately search for love and attention. If given enough time, a cat will transfer its affections to the new guardian.If you know a cat whose owner has just died, it is important to follow a few protocols when interacting with it. Think of it as a family member and act like it. Get into a routine and stick to it. The cat must feel a calming sense of constituency. Do not change furniture or move them around. Do not repaint the walls. The cat suffered enough trauma as of now. Do not increase it.Do carve out times from your busy schedule for your cat. Do not forget the feline. Putting the cat in another's care is a strict no-no. If you do, it will suffer a deep sense of abandonment. If you are afraid that it will get lost, then place it in a separate section of the house. Do this only if you are worried that it will run away with grief. In short, be kind to a cat who has just lost its owner. They feel pain and have emotions. They grieve too. If you own a cat and are afraid of dying at any moment, make a will in your cat's name. This will keep them protected when you are no more in this world.

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