Essential Facts That Dog Lovers Must Always Remember

Essential Facts That Dog Lovers Must Always Remember

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They mean the world to you, and you, to them. Here are four facts that every dog lover or owner should know.

  1. Dogs just want to see you happy1Image courtesy: have an inherent need to please humans. There have been numerous studies conducted in the past that have shown that dogs bond with humans in the same way babies do with parents; you know how much care and attention babies need. Make sure you spend some quality time with your dog, whether it is teaching them tricks or playing with them, and they will be all happy, and even more so when they see that you're happy. Dogs also find the need to comfort people, and it's not just their owners or humans that they know, but random strangers too! If a dog finds that a human is in distress, chances are that it will walk up to them and offer some comfort or reassurance.
  2. Dogs may show behavioral changes when they are injured or ill2Image courtesy: you notice your dog acting differently than usual, whether it is with their responses, eating habits or others, chances are your dog is injured or ill. Make sure you watch out for these signs, as your dog cannot be vocal about it, and it is for you to observe and make sure that your dog is fine.
  3. Dogs do not like to be left by themselves3Image courtesy: social animals that they are, dogs rely heavily on animals and people. Left alone, they start feeling lonely and may even experience cases of separation anxiety. There have been surveys that show that dogs left on their own by owners with busy lives have a tendency to develop stress and depression. One in every four dogs suffer from depression, and may resort to self-harming tendencies due to the same. Other signs that your dog may show due to the discomfort caused from being left alone includes howling or barking for a long period of time. If your lifestyle demands you to spend a lengthy period of time away from your pet, then make sure you help them get accustomed to it by gradually increasing the time that you spend away from them.
  4. Always loved, will never be forgotten4Image courtesy: have a relatively short lifespan when compared to humans. Depending on the breed, your furry friend may live for only ten to twenty years. Smaller canine breeds usually live for more number of years than larger canine breeds. Make sure that you spend all the time that you can with your pet, so you make the best of the time that you have together.
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