How Can You Improve Your Dog's Heart Health?


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Most dogs will run happily after a thrown toy but may not bring it back. The dog may bring it back and then make the owner run around just to get it back. Do remember that your dog may have no interest in fetching. Life is not like in the movies. This does not mean that dogs do not fetch. They do if you train them to do so. 

Fetch makes an excellent method to get the dog much-needed exercise which will stave off many health problems like obesity. The energy outlet also dampens any destructive behaviors. It is also an excellent way to make the dogs tired so that they get the sleep they need. It will also keep the dogs mentally stimulated. The bond between you and your dog will only become stronger.

Simple tricks you can teach your dog

Training your dog will keep his brain sharp. It will keep your best friend happy, mentally active, and obedient. The exercise is an excellent way to bond. Best of all? Both you and your pet could show some cool moves at the next party! It is assumed that your dog has already mastered fundamental obedience commands like "down" and "sit". If it has done so, then trick training is a cakewalk. 

In case your pet is a total newbie, teach him some fundamental obedience moves before you teach the following tricks. Each training session must not go beyond 10 minutes to a maximum of two times every day. It is vital that both you and your dog are in a good mood. Do not hesitate to reward your pet when it does what it is told. Do not express frustration with your friend. Do not be a brute and use physical force under any circumstances. Feeling angry? Stop the session immediately.


The first trick to teach your dog is to make it come to you. You need to give the animal clicker training and a few treats to achieve this. Encourage the dog to use its nose to touch your hand. It is essential to use marker words like "over here" or "come" and then repeat the same with clicks, praise, and treats. It is important to add a few distractions to test the dog's skills.

After you are assured that your dog will come to you when you ask it to, it is time to teach the canine how to fetch. You should introduce the fetch toy first to the dog so that the animal gets excited about it. Place that toy near you. When the dog gets near it, click and praise the animal. Give it a treat. If the dog touches its nose to the toy, click and give ample praise. Give treats too. Continue the process until the canine starts to love the toy.


Your dog now understands that it can get treats by touching the toy. Begin to move it around so that the dog puts some effort into reaching it. Do not move the toy far. Give the animal praise and treat when it touches the toy with its nose. Click at every instance. Now that the dog has progressed so far, it is time to reward the dog when it uses its mouth to grab the toy. A little patience is needed at this juncture. 

Once you have achieved the aim to teach your dog to grab the toy by its teeth, it is time to play a few indoor fetch games. Give the dog treats like milk bone dog treats and praise only when the animal brings the toy back to you. Click at every step. You can now throw the toy further so that your dog brings it back with hope for rewards. Praise it and give it treats once it has successfully done so.

Roll over

Put the dog in the "down" position. Take a treat in hand and then move your hand slowly behind the neck of the dog. The aim of this move is to get your dog to gracefully turn its head sans standing up. When its head pivots back to sniff your treat, slowly roll it over. When your dog rolls over, praise it and give the treat. Repeat the process and say "roll" when doing so. Give treats after completion. Continue for 10 minutes. Try the same process again later the same day. Do not do these actions in excess of 10 minutes. Your dog will in time learn to associate the action with the word "roll". Do not give the treat after a few days. Praise every time when it completes the roll.

Shake hands

This is easy as dogs raise their paws of their own accord when they want a treat. Begin by commanding your pet to "sit". Take a treat in the hand and then slowly move the treat to the ground near the paw of the dog. Your dog will move its paw in anticipation. Use the "shake" verbal cue and give your pet the treat. Praise it fulsomely. Repeat these moves and gradually hold your hand higher and higher. 

This will force your dog to raise a paw higher as it wants the treat. Your aim is to raise the dog's paw to your chest height. Use the same paw for practicing. When the dog becomes adept in one paw, switch to the other paw. It is important your pet comprehends the "other" word so that it automatically raises the correct paw. Your dog after a while will learn to do these by itself. Once it does, do away with the treat. 

Give Medicines timely

Giving your pet medicine on time is an important part of keeping them healthy. Medication for dogs is important for maintaining good health and preventing disease. The most common medications for dogs are heartworm prevention, flea and tick medicine, antibiotics, pain relievers, and vitamins. 

Giving your dog their medication on time is an important part of their care. 

Heartworm meds for dogs or heartworm pills for dogs protect your pet from heartworms that can cause serious illness and even death if left untreated. Heartworm medication needs to be given once a month to prevent the disease in dogs that are at risk for exposure to mosquitoes carrying the parasite that causes heartworms. Heartworm prevention for dogs should always be used in areas where heartworm cases have been reported or in regions where there are known mosquito problems with this type of infection occurring throughout the year.

A Pet pharmacy is a one-stop solution for buying these pet medications. 

Healthy Food for a Healthy Heart

If you're looking for healthy food for your dog that has the power to help maintain a healthy heart, look no further. Beneful Dog Food, Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Blue Diamond Dog Food, Blue Wilderness Dog Food, and Hill Science Dog Food are all good options for heart-healthy diets.

Beneful's Healthy Heart blend of chicken, barley, and brown rice is perfect for dogs who need to lose weight or have high cholesterol. The high protein content in this food helps keep your dog's blood pressure down and their heart functioning at optimal levels. It's also low in calories so if your pup needs to lose some weight this is a great option.

Blue Buffalo's Canine Grain-Free Chicken Meal Recipe is also low in calories but high in protein which means it can help keep your dog's weight under control while helping to maintain their heart health. The protein helps maintain good muscle mass which helps them burn fat faster and improves circulation throughout their body. The high fiber content also provides a feeling of fullness so they won't be tempted to overeat.

If you're looking for a grain-free option then check out Blue Diamond's Life Protection Formula Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food which contains no grains at all but still gives you plenty of protein and vitamins. 

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