Gadgets That Offer Remote PetCare

Gadgets That Offer Remote PetCare

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Taking care of your pets and giving them attention at home is one thing. But, what happens when youโ€™re not around? This is a dilemma that affects thousands of pet owners almost on a daily basis. As pet owners, we want our pets to get as much necessary attention as possible, but, we also have our lives to live.We have jobs to go to and social appointments to keep up with. Some might be okay with taking their pets wherever they go while others get nannies or friends/family to keep an eye on them. But, for those who donโ€™t have these options, life can get difficult.Thankfully, thereโ€™s always technology to save the day. So, if youโ€™re one of those pet owners who is forced to leave your furry buddy all alone and without attention, here are a few gadgets that might come in handy.


FitBark is a Kickstarter-funded device that uses a Bluetooth-enabled bone to keep a track of all your dogโ€™s activities. The bone attaches to your dogโ€™s collar, which ensures that itโ€™s always tracking. The tracked data is then communicated to your smart-phone via the FitBark app.However, you can access the information only when you get home. But, there is an option to transfer the information even if youโ€™re at work or any other distant location. A base station with Wi-Fi connectivity for the device can be purchased. This unit connects via Wi-Fi, which allows you to access the data from anywhere.


Petcube is a cube-like device that comes with a camera fitted inside. The idea is to help you keep an eye on your pet as often as possible, no matter where you are. The device transmits the video to your phone or tablet.The best part is it even lets you communicate with your pet through audio-visual capabilities. So, if you need to give out commands or reassure your pet, Petcube can help you out.You even have a laser pointer that allows you to play with your pet. Finally, you can even have friends and family connect to the Petcube to keep a watch.


CleverPet is a games console meant for pets. The idea is to keep your pets engaged in stimulating mental tasks till you get back from wherever you are. Basically, it prevents your pet from noticing that youโ€™re missing.The device has sensitive touch-pads that light up when your dog/cat touches them. When your pet hits the pads, the device drops out treats.CleverPet also uses learning algorithms to make the game easier or harder according to how your pet responds. The objective of the device is to keep your pet mentally and physically engaged.

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