5 Breeds of Big Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart! Best And Biggest Cuddle Partners

5 Breeds of Big Dogs That Will Melt Your Heart!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. Don't be frightened if you come across a giant furry friend. Big breeds enjoy expressing love and affection!

If you’re looking for an adorable pup that also happens to be big and strong, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll explore five different dog breeds that fit the bill. Not only are these breeds big, but they’re also sure to melt your heart with their sweet personalities and charming good looks. Read on to learn more about these breeds of big dogs that will have you wishing you had one of your very own.


1) Bernese Mountain Dog

One of the most popular big dog breeds is the Bernese Mountain dog. This breed has a gorgeous three-color coat. They thrive in cold weather and are super affectionate.

Male Bernese can be expected to reach a height of 25-27 inches, with females reaching up to 23-26 inches. Their weight ranges from 75 to 120 pounds. They're dogs are known for being well behaved and are the perfect giant companion.


2) Anatolian Shepherd

Smart, hardworking, loyal and protective are all things that describe the Anatolian Shepherd breed. This breed weighs 150 pounds and was developed to protect livestock. Instead of attacking a potential predator, these dogs simply intimidate them and are popular as guardian dogs on farms in particular. 

Don't let the size fool you, though, these dogs also love cuddling and snuggling with their humans, so it's like having your very own teddy bear! This breed is known for its big heart and gentle personality, so if you're looking for a giant pup to join your family, an Anatolian Shepherd might be the right choice.


3) Mastiff

Mastiffs are an amiable, calm, and patient breed with a broad wrinkled like forehead. Famously known for their devotion to their families and honor. Being that Mastiffs are naturally vigilant of strangers, it is important to introduce socialization when young.


Mastiffs can grow up to 36 inches tall and weigh between 120-230 pounds. Now that's big!


This giant breed was once close to extinction. There were roughly only 14 Mastiffs that survived after World War ll. In the United States, breeders collaborated to establish the breed's population. As they're emotional and sensitive, early, positive-reinforcement training works well with mastiffs.


4) Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are known for their crazy tall height. Standing at 3 feet tall and 7 feet on their hindlegs. Originally, Irish Wolfhounds were used to drag men off horses and chariots in war. Deer, boar, and wolves were animals once hunted by this breed.

Now, Irish Wolfhounds have become a family companion. Despite their actions in the past, they are very much affectionate and get alone great with everyone!


5) Saint Bernard

Ah, the Saint Bernard...one of the most famous large dog breeds. This breed can weigh between 120-180 pounds and their height ranges from 28-30 inches. These pups might look intimidating, but don't let their size fool you--they're some of the gentlest giants around.

The Saint Bernard is a loyal and loving companion who loves spending time with their family. Not only that, but they have some really weird and quirky habits too. Did you know that these dogs often have "built in" ice cubes in their coats from all the snow they encounter during their adventures in the Alps? It's true--no refrigeration necessary!


 Big Dog, Big Heart!

Don't be frightened of these gentle giants.  With their huge, lovable personalities, these big dogs are sure to win your heart! Whether you're looking for a gentle companion or a loyal guard dog, there's a breed here that will fit perfectly into your life. So, take a look and see if you find the furry friend that's right for you--just don't forget to pick up some extra-large dog beds!

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