GPS for Your Pets & Training for Flying Dogs -- 5 Pet News Stories You Might Have Missed


1. Waived Adoption Fees for Black Pets on Friday 13th


The Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona, has come up with a way to make this Friday 13th a little less spooky by offering free adoption for all black pets. Hoping to put an end to not one, but two superstitions, the Pima Animal Care Center is asking people to come in on one of the most unlucky days of the year and to adopt one of the most unlucky animals. Since black pets typically have a harder time finding a home, thanks to the absurd myths that surround them, this promotion should help to show people that they have nothing to fear.

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2. Mobile Vets Make Check-Ups Easy


Going to the vet is a chore that most of us dread. Understanding how much of a pain it can be, more and more vets are beginning to offer their services on-the-go. By offering a mobile component to their practice they are finding that they are forging stronger bonds with their clients. While this has been a routine part of most large-animal practices for years (itโ€™s not easy to get a horse into the clinic), the veterinary house call has been picking up steam in all areas of the field.

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3. USDA Tightens Regulations on Internet Pet Sales


Up until this week, the rules for selling pets over the internet fell into a legal gray area, allowing sellers to skirt around certain pet safety guidelines. This ultimately lead to the sale of unhealthy animals raised in "mills" designed to churn out pets, with little to no emphasis placed on the pets' well being. the usda took notice and decided that enough was enough. now, the usda has expanded their rules with the idea that more businesses selling pets online will have to first pass an inspection in which the living conditions of the pets are deemed>

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4. Flying Dog Training


Worried about taking your dog on your next vacation? Well, for $349 dollars, you can enroll your pooch in a class that will turn them into a world class flyer. Air Hollywood, the company offering the class, uses the fuselage from a real plane to simulate take-off, landing, and turbulence. With a full cast of extras pretending to be the hustle and bustle of your typical airport, Air Hollywood promises the most genuine airport-esque, dog-safe experience on the market.

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5. Gadgets to Keep Your Pet Healthy and Safe


We can check our bank balance from an airplane, find the recipe for a vegan chili while hiking the Appalachian Trail, and now we can keep an eye on our pet while we are at work! With a number of new technologies aimed at making the lives of pet parents easier, gizmos like




, and


are using GPS technology to make it possible to track your pet's movements in your absence. Technology is also helping to make our pets healthier, with advanced pet feeders like theย 


dog bowl that forces dogs to slide a cover around in order to get at their food, or the Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder that consists of a series of tubes that make the cat fish out their food with their paws, preventing them from scarfing it down. And if that isnโ€™t enough, you can reserve a

Go-Go Dog Pal

, which is a remote control companion your dog can chase around.

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