Enjoyable Exercises for Your Cats

Enjoyable Exercises for Your Cats

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Most people do not comprehend the value of exercise when it comes to cats. Many veterinarians recommend cat workouts so that the felines keep healthy even when they reach old age. Although a cat will not exercise readily as a dog, you can employ several strategies to keep your kitty active.

Another cat and cat tower

To make your cat exercise, bring another cat. Your cat will simply ignore you if you want your cat to exercise with you. Having a dog is not the answer either. Two cats who gel with each other will get adequate quantities of exercise through chasing and wrestling each other. Even older cats are found to wrestle with kittens. If you wish to adopt a cat, get two cats and not one. It will be helpful to you in the longer term.

Get a cat tower. The cat towers are multi-tiered and now available in most pet stores. It is an excellent method to ensure that your kitty will have adequate number of places where it can play and also areas to climb. All these guarantees a good workout. Veterinarians recommend that you put small treats in different locations within the tower so that your cats get the necessary encouragement to play and climb.

Toys and laser pointer

Buy a large number of toys. This is as cats usually are more of a loner than dogs. A larger amount of toys makes a better companion for your cat. Any toys will do. There is no compulsion to purchase expensive toys from the premium pet store. You can give the animal everyday objects you have no use for to play with. Yes, you can give pipe cleaners and ping pong balls. To amplify the fun, make a hockey rink. To do this, place a ball inside a bathtub or large cardboard box to make a quick "hockey rink" for the cat. As the ball flies off towards the walls, followed by the cat, both the cat and you will enjoy, and the feline will get its much-needed exercise. Do buy a laser pointer. Nothing can be more entertaining to any cat owner than a laser pointer. Do not overuse the laser pointer though. Follow it with a real toy which the cat can catch. If you do not, the cat will suffer the frustration of not catching a point of light. You must not shine the laser directly into the cat's eyes. Present your kitty with a wand. This is a flexible toy with a mouse or a feather or any other diversion present in the far end. This makes for a fabulous exercise for the cat. You can make it more complicated for the cat by running this toy.

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