How to Take Care of Your Dogโ€™s Health While Remaining in Quarantine Plus more playtime!

How to Take Care of Your Dogโ€™s Health While Remaining in Quarantine Kira_Yan /

Are you living in quarantine because of the rapid global spread of COVID-19? That means that your four-pawed best friend is forced to be inside with you. Until recently, there was no evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that pets could receive COVID-19.

After that, more animals and household pets have received (not spread) the human virus.  A 17-year old Pomeranian in Hong Kong received and recovered from a “weak-positive” test of the virus. On March 18, two days after he returned from quarantine to his home, he died. On March 19, a German Shepherd from Hong Kong tested positive for the virus from his owner. On April 5, a young female Malaysian tiger tested positive for the virus at the Bronx Zoo but expects to recover.  On April 22, the CDC learned that two cats in New York tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-9.  Both are from different areas of the state.  The first received it from an outside infected human, and the second received it from its owner. There is still no evidence that household pets can transmit the still human virus. 

The CDC and other global agencies recommend that infected pet owners do not interact with their household pets.  We now have evidence that we can be toxic to our household best friends and animals that are in captivity.  Also, you must prevent any interaction with outside people and other animals. If you or someone in your house is sick with COVID-19, you must restrict their interaction with their pets.  If the interaction is required, you must wear a facemask and wash your hands constantly.


I coin this unique period of our lives, the ‘isolation era’. Globally, governments force their citizens to stay home to prevent the spread of this deadly virus that has taken almost 300,000 people.   

How do we take care of our dog while remaining in quarantine?  Dogs usually follow their owner’s lead, whether inside or outside. Every person and household pet should stay inside as much as possible to not receive or spread. Dogs go outside to go to the bathroom or go for their daily walks.  The CDC recommends that dogs remain on their leash at all times and stay six feet away from all people and dogs.  Here are some other ways that you can make the inside enjoyable for your canines:

  1. Bring the outside inside. Fake plastic grass or trees to resemble their favorite outside bathroom spaces.

  2. Spend as much time with them, whether playing or training.  Dogs also might need space alone as you go about your day.

  3. Get food that is high-quality, natural, delicious, and can fill your dog with the nutrients that they need for their daily routine, such as Purina Beyond Simply 9 Ranch Raised Lamb.  Dog food that is aware of allergens, food sensitivities, and offers nutrition can be a great source of comfort for both dogs and their human parents.  

    1. Order your dog food online: Online purchase prevent dog parents from going outside.  

    2. Do the math: The amount that you order is super important. According to Dog Project, we feed our dog 4 to 5 cups of food daily, and so you will go through one pound of food each day. That means you should buy 30 to 40 pounds a month.

    3. Keep food interesting: Buy a combination of canned as well as dry dog food.

  4. Make playtime inside with you longer and more active. This is a win-win scenario. You get your daily exercise and your dog does too (even creative indoor exercises). Tug of war is a good game if you have a bit of space. Playing indoor fetch with a soft toy or ball can also work.

  5. Don’t lose track of the daily routine. Just because you are not going out doesn’t mean the dog care routine should go for a toss. Take care of the basics by ensuring your dog is served food on time and the water bowl is always full.

  6. Discover new and creative games. There are plenty of articles and videos on the subject. This will keep both you and your dog entertained for hours.

  7. Dogs experience boredom but often can’t play independently without human intervention. You can make adjustments to your home to create a stimulating dog playground.  They can experiment with independent play.

  8. Don’t forget to show them love especially with physical affection.  They might latch onto your stress and anxiety, and might need extra pets and hugs.  Leave dog treats around your home.

  9. Getting on our Zoom meetings: It can be pretty cute when they want to crash our online meetings while you’re working or working out.  I mean the other people online enjoy meeting your home and other dependents.

  10. Love them the best you can: Playing, physical affection, and keeping routine can all be ways to show your dog how much you appreciate them.  A dog provides us companionship and lowers our loneliness during these hard times.  So get creative about showing them love in return, such as becoming bilingual in their language.  You experience a different kind of love by trying to get to know them better through their type of communication - body language.


Here, we made a few recommendations to take care of your dog’s health and improve their daily life while remaining in quarantine.  Continue reading from the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).  They can keep updated on how you can make quarantine healthy (i.e. continue taking them for a checkup to the veterinarian) and more enjoyable for them.  It is your main responsibility to protect your dogs in isolation the best that you can.

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