Walk Your Cat Every Day!

Walk Your Cat Every Day!

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Who hasnโ€™t seen a dog being walked around the neighbourhood? It is a truly delightful sight. However, have you ever seen a person walk a cat around the neighbourhood with a leash? This is perhaps a confusing sight to many. And contrary to popular belief, cats do need to be walked outdoors to maintain their health.Cats in general find enjoy the outdoors just like humans. And like with dogs, outdoor activities help people strengthen their bonds with their cats. The experience can also turn into the one of the greatest joys in your life.Sherry Woodard, a behaviour consultant at Best Friends Animal Society, explains the benefits of walking a cat and gives pointers to help you get your cat outside the house. Here is what you need to remember.

  1. Cats get healthier:Cats are independent creatures by nature and can be fickle with what they like and prefer. Several cats are curious about the great outdoors and enjoy playing in the sand and grass. This is also a chance for them to explore the big world and see and smell things.Outdoor activities can also help develop a catโ€™s mental faculties. Cats who spend time outdoors are smarter, brighter and generally friendly in disposition. It also helps you with your exercises.
  2. Cats get smarter and cooler:Cats who lack confidence gain it slowly as they experience the outside world. It may be a slow process, but getting a chance to explore their surroundings will help them increase their curiosity and in turn make them braver.
  3. Some cats do not want the leash:Some cats are simply too independent and show no interest in the leash. However, just because they do not want a leash does not mean that you shouldnโ€™t give your cat a chance to go outside occasionally. If your cat does not like the outdoors even after you took them outside, then respect their decision.
  4. Cats should be house-trained before being taken outside:Start training your cat to walk with the leash inside the house. As stated before, cats tend to be extremely independent and could prove to be a handful outside.First, purchase a harness and show it to your cat. Let them play with it and smell it for a while. They need to get used to the strange new toy.Next, put on the harness and make sure your cat is comfortable. Check to see if the harness fits well and let your cat wear it around the house. Let them get used the feeling of wearing the strange device.Reward your cats with treats of their favourite food throughout this entire process.
  5. Cats should be comfortable wearing the harness:This particular point cannot be stressed enough. To make the experience enjoyable to both your cat and you, make sure your cat is comfortable in their harness. Cats are extremely fickle and will refuse to do as you want if they are not happy with their arrangements.
  6. Find the ideal spot for curious cats:Cats love open spaces with areas to explore. Find an area enclosed by a fence and enough objects like plants or tires to catch your catโ€™s attention. If your residence is in a crowded city, then carry your cat in a crate and drive to a remote location without loud sounds or large crowds.

Remember these simple steps and enjoy your day with your cat!

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