End Pitbull Discrimination! The Truth about Pitbulls Pitbulls are the misunderstood mutt

End Pitbull Discrimination! The Truth about Pitbulls

Pitbulls are given a bad image, their name synonymous with bad tempered and vicious animals. This is just not true. Read our infographic below to learn the truth.

Why Are Pit Bulls So Ridiculously


"Pit Bulls Are Ridiculously Dangerous" - decades of false marketing, misleading statistics and plain lies now turned 'common knowledge'.

Pit bulls are not inherently aggressive and can be more loving and caring than other breeds!

End Pit Bull


The Misunderstood Mutt

American Temperament Test Society: pit bulls are one of the top 4 friendliest dogs for home.

  • VS
  • MYTH

Did you know that according to statistics, a person is 200 times more likely to die after having over-the-counter Aspirin than be a victim of a fatal pit bull attack?

Even so, indoctrinated by media, people choose to ban a breed, defying truth and logic.

Do You Love Dogs?

Are You Against BSL and Pit Bull Discrimination?


3 Presidents in the history of United States owned Pit Bulls.

Once common house pets, presidential companions, known for their friendly temperament, Pit Bulls are refused a home and are targeted in an outright Witch hunt.

Misunderstood, Misidentified,
Stigmatized - Killed!

Completely bypassing their adoption process, a lot of shelters take in pit bulls just to euthanize them.


Looks are everything- Lookalikes be dead!

New studies reveal the scale of our ignorance when it comes to Pit Bulls and the injustice it leads to.


It's About Responsible Dog Ownership

Abuse and neglection lead to violence:
that sound common to any other species?
End discrimination: While you should Stay calm and assertive, you don't have to be Cesar Millan to be a responsible dog owner. It's about common sense: Love, care and education is pretty much everything a Pit bull needs - Just Like any other dog!
Responsible Dog Ownership

Among the total number of dogs that fatally attack humans 86% are unneutered males.

Always consult you vet on proper care and pet meds,as well as
spaying or neutering your dog !

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Oftentimes pet anxiety is misconstrued as aggression, which reaffirms the already negative image of pitbulls. Vets may recommend anti-anxiety medications such as Fluoxetine to controls bouts of anxiety in pitbulls.

All dogs (including pitbulls) need love and proper care to remain healthy and happy. That goes a long way in them growing up without behavioral issues. Little things like administering a quality dewormer like Advantage Multi for dogs on time and ensuring a healthy balanced meal all add up. These habits ensure the elimination of any underlying health problems that may be causing an aggressive reaction.

Mistreatment is the primary cause of canine aggression. Don't miss out on those bonding moments that show your dog you care. This may be anything from massaging your dog's coat with a Safari Self-Cleaning slicker brush or taking it out for an unscheduled walk.

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