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Some love cats and some love dogs. Then there are some who love both. There is a misconception that a cat is a dog's most mortal enemy. In reality, a dog can be best friends with a cat. In many dog-cat households, the two species peacefully co-exist. In case you have a cat in your house and now you want to bring home a dog, it is important to go for certain breeds so that the house remains a peaceful place.

Dog groups

A few dog breeds will gel more with cats compared to other breeds. To give an example, dogs belonging to the Toy Group are found to be more sociable and affectionate. This is as they are bred to be comfortable companions. The Sporting Group dogs are outgoing and have a friendly nature. These canines are happy to go lucky types which make quick friends with anyone, including cats.

Some dog species like the Terrier are incompatible with cats as they are bred to hunt. A quick moving cat will bring these instincts to the fore. The Hound Group dogs love to chase and no cat will be comfortable with such attention. On the other hand, dogs belonging to the Herding Group enjoys nothing more than to herd anything that moves, including the cat. Your kitty may not like such dominance.

Social dogs

It is to be remembered that socialization of the pet animal is extremely important. A large majority of dog breeds could live peacefully with a cat if the two species socialized as puppies and kittens. You can teach your dog not to disturb the cat. To make this possible, make sure the kitty has an escape route. Do not leave the new dog alone with the cat. The only exception is when you are sure the two would not have any issues.

Basset Hound makes for loyal and patient dogs. Training is a little harder as these dogs are stubborn. This breed is mild-mannered and is friendly towards other animals. You can also consider a Beagle. These animals were specifically bred to hunt other animals in packs and thus they are naturally sociable. Their friendly nature makes them easy companions. These breed of dogs normally sees cats as another pack member. Bulldogs are also known for their kind nature and possess an easygoing personality.

Note that the individual personality of both the individual dog and cat are important in the scheme of things. To give an example, a senior cat may not like the presence of an effervescent puppy. It is important to do some research before you bring a puppy into a cat dominant family. Do not hesitate to speak with experts on the subject before you get a particular breed of dog.

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