Man Arrested for DUI Says “My Dog Was Driving That Car”

Man Arrested for DUI Says “My Dog Was Driving That Car”

“Blame it on the dog,” has been a common phrase in homes with a pooch, but most of the time it refers to

flatulence or knocking something over. However, this past week a Florida man decided to push the envelope on what could reasonably be blamed on the dog, telling police officers that had arrested him for drunk driving that it was actually his dog behind the wheel

.The pursuit began when Relifor Cooper III was flagged for speeding around 7:45 on Wednesday. When the cops tried to pull him over, he ran a stop sign, drove over two ditches, and ultimately ended up running his car into a house.


He then exited the car and fled on foot. He was apprehended outside a church that he had tried to hide out in. It was when he was being handcuffed that Cooper’s story took an unexpected turn.

“I wasn’t driving that car. My dog was driving that car,”

Cooper told the officers, the smell of alcohol wafting off his breath.As if his story wasn’t absurd enough, cops reported that there was no sign of a dog at the scene of the crash. To be fair, even if there had been a dog in the car, it would not have added nearly enough credence to Cooper’s outlandish tale to be considered a possibility. Even if the

dog was sitting in the driver’s seat

, buckled in with one paw on the shifter and the other reaching for the registration, this story would be a hard sell.As you probably already guessed, Cooper has been arrested and is awaiting his sentencing. His mysterious driving dog is still MIA (if he ever existed at all).However, we here like to imagine that, after this encounter, the renegade pooch ran to the marina, commandeered a speedboat, and has made his way across the gulf and into Mexico where he is now lounging on a beach, sipping on a frozen dog-quiri* and laughing to himself.


*dog-quiri - a daiquiri for dogs and a terrible pun.

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