Does Your Dog Prefer Petting?

Does Your Dog Prefer Petting?

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For dog lovers, it seems that their hands and a dog's head are supposed to go together. Most dogs like nothing more than to be petted. As a dog owner, it is essential to know precisely where to pet your dog. To do this, you must learn to read the signs which dogs give before petting, during the activity, and after petting gets over. Yes, there is actual science behind it.

The dog must initiate

You must have heard of the adage of allowing a sleeping dog to continue in its sleeping. Follow this advice. If you want to pet any dog, the animal should set the terms-and not you. Even if your dog likes nothing more than a heavy petting it should initiate the activity and not you. This is not only true for the dog you just met, or your friend's dog, the same rule is applicable for your own dog as well. A dog which wants to be petted will sniff you. You can see its ears and body become visibly relaxed. If the dog nuzzles up with you or wiggle while leaning towards you, it means the dog wants from you a good round of petting. Go on, pet the dog!

Good petting takes knowledge of where to touch so that the dog likes you. Pet the animal on the shoulder and chest. You can also pet it on the base of its neck and not move your hand on the top of its head. Start by slowly stroking the animal and then do a little light massage. Do not venture your hand towards the tail base or under its chin. Avoid the back of its neck. Do not by any circumstance grab its head and roughly cuddle its ears. No dog will like this behavior. If you are familiar with the dog, then you could vary the petting area and experiment on what it likes. When you complete your petting, say something like g"go" and repeat it after every session that the dog does not again come to you for another round of petting.

Friends with your dog Do remember, that dogs do not regard petting as a way to bond with their owners. It allows you to pet mostly for your pleasure, and the dog wants to be friends with you. As a dog owner, you should pet in such a manner that your dog likes the activity and it is sure that such an action on your part will keep it safe, calm, and loved. It is vital that you pet your dog regularly and also permit your family and friends to pet the animal the way it likes. The best is to adopt a puppy, and you help it when it is growing up to make a pleasant personality.

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