Why Your Cat Loves to Snuggle Up Next to You


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Letโ€™s face it, cats are an enigma. They mew incessantly wanting to be fed but when you do put their food out they walk away, they rub against your legs constantly looking for attention but the minute you start to pat them you get a swift swipe of the paw. A cat will rarely display the same kind of affection that a dog does yet, they will keep a close watch on your every move while seemingly minding their own business.By far one of the most endearing qualities of cats is their love for snuggling with their โ€˜hoomanโ€™. You barely sit down and within minutes your cat is fast asleep in your lap purring gently, you settle down in bed and a furry blur later your cat is snuggled in a cozy nook of your body. So, why do cats love to snuggle up next to you?

Here are a few reasons why
  1. Warmth: Cats tend to get cold and snuggling up close to you allows them to keep warm with your body heat. The more snugly they can fit themselves into you the warmer they feel and good luck trying to move once that happens.
  2. Security: Cats are jittery little things, arenโ€™t they? Their heightened senses make them a little too aware of every little sound and smell, making life quite complicated and even scary for them. The one time your kitty can feel truly safe is when tucked in as close to you as possible. Thatโ€™s when the world seems a lot less frightening and all those sounds and strange scents canโ€™t harm them because mom or dad is watching over them.
  3. Bonding: While dogs bond with their owners through petting and fussing, cats prefer the more subtle sitting in your lap without you touching them. Most cats canโ€™t handle being petted too much but they do enjoy feeling you close to them and thatโ€™s how they like to bond with family members.
  4. Attention: Cats have their phases of wanting to be left alone and wanting attention. When they want to be alone there is nothing you can do but abide by their wishes but when they want attention they will come to you. You could be in the middle of writing the most important speech of your life but if your cat wants you, he or she will snuggle up any way possible. And you can bet kitty will walk all over your keyboard first.
  5. Love: But the most important reason of all why your cat snuggles up with you is pure, unadulterated love. You cat loves you and thatโ€™s why he or she wants to be close to you, it really is as simple as that!

Go give your cat a cuddle already.

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