Do Cats Burp and Blink?

Do Cats Burp and Blink?

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Cats are curious creatures. So itโ€™s normal to wonder if they have as normal reactions and bodily functions as weโ€™d expect them to. Letโ€™s get right to it.

Do cats blink?

Although they donโ€™t technically need to blink, they do squint to express ease around you or another cat. We humans blink to lubricate our eyes. Cats donโ€™t need to blink to lubricate their eyes. This is probably a major plus point when they hunt during the night. All their senses are functioning at peak level.

Do cats burp?

Yes, cats do burp. However, it is rare that cats burp. They donโ€™t burp nearly as much as humans do. We burp after every meal. Mainly because we consume a lot of carbonated drinks and cats donโ€™t do that. We also tend to talk a lot while weโ€™re eating, which leads us to swallow some air that later comes back up as a burp. Burping is not an important factor to a catโ€™s health. We donโ€™t hear them do it and when we do, it comes off as a big surprise to us.

What underlying issues can burping indicate?

When cats are brought to vets because theyโ€™ve been retching, repeatedly licking their lips, or swallowing excessively, the most common underlying condition is esophagitis or esophageal inflammation. There are three main things that cause esophagitis. These are, gastroesophageal reflux or heartburn, anesthesia (when a cat is rendered unconscious using synesthesia, their esophagus also gets put down, causing stomach acids to bubble up.), and medication. Certain medicines tend to get stuck going down. They can get caught in the throat, leading to esophageal irritation.Vomiting is also a major gastrointestinal issue that cats face. A lot of the time, when a cat makes that certain noise that signals that sheโ€™s about to vomit, it gets mistaken for burping. One of the most common causes of vomiting is eating excessively, at a fast pace. So thatโ€™s nothing to worry about. Itโ€™s also possible that just like humans, cats also swallow some air while theyโ€™re eating. This could either materialize later as a burp, or as a full on vomiting session.

When are burps ever an emergency?

Never. Burps are not really medical at all. But sometimes, cat parents mistaken other noises they make as burps. Respiratory noises could indicate asthma and nasal problems and would require immediate medical attention. A cough or a wheeze isnโ€™t all that bad on its own, but if they keep going on for a long time, then that could indicate other medical conditions and your cat should be taken to the vet immediately.The occasional weird noise is normal for a cat and shouldnโ€™t be taken too seriously. However, if a particular noise is accompanied by other things like a disinterest in food or eight loss, then you should get that checked out.

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