How to Trim Your Cat's Nails?

How to Trim Your Cat's Nails?

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If scratch marks on the furniture is not your idea of fetching dรฉcor, then you should seriously consider trimming the nails of your cat on a regular basis. Granted, taking your cat to the groomer can to the groomer can be the more glamorous option, but it's also the more expensive one. If you are among those people who like to take care of things themselves, then trimming your cat's claws at home is your best bet. The simplest way to get your cat acclimatized to the process is to start when he is young. So, how exactly do you trim Felix's nails without throwing him into a tizzy? That depends on your cat. Some cats take to it more easily than others. But most of them suffer through it. Here is a step by step guide to help you do it right.Before you begin, inspect your cat's claws under the lights. Squeeze his paw gently to make the nails jut out. You should be able to see pink tissue in the middle of his nail. Make sure you cut below that to avoid pain and bleeding. When you start out, it's better to cut a small part of his nail instead of getting overzealous and cutting it too close. It is very important that you don't associate the process of nail clipping with discomfort. As for the clippers, you will be able to find ones that are

specially designed for cats

. You will also need treats and a styptic powder in case you accidentally cut into the connective tissue that underlies the nail. Let's get started:

  • Pick a comfortable spot and make sure that it is well lit. Make sure you have everything you need by your side. Also, have treats ready for after the trimming.
  • Firmly hold your cat between your knees, or in a position that is best for both of you. The idea is to ensure that your cat is secure. Grab his front paw and squeeze it gently. This will make the claw stick out.
  • Once you have a good hold and view, position the nail clipper at a comfortable distance from the connective tissue.
  • Clip the nail vertically. This will prevent it from splitting. Make sure you do it in a single stroke.
  • Once you are done, reward your cat with a treat. This is a very important step as it will associate the act with a positive outcome. Repeat this with the other claws once your cat allows.

Don't worry if your cat does not allow you to do more than one claw. Just try doing it again after a while. If you are facing difficulty doing it on your own, have a friend or a family member assist you.

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