Celebrating Take Your Dog to Work Day!


Take your Dog to Work Day

Established by

Pet Sitters International

in 1999,

Take Your Dog to Work Day

was created to celebrate the human-canine bond and to encourage the adoption of companion pets from humane societies, local animal shelters, and breed rescue clubs.PSI works year round urging businesses small and large to โ€œbecome a true friend of the canine communityโ€ by encouraging their employees to bring their four-legged friends to the workplace.

Recent research

from the University of Central Michigan has shown that allowing dogs in the workplace can lower stress and absenteeism, while increasing productivity. Researchers also found that having a dog in the room can make human colleagues more cooperative, as participants in the study reported feeling more trust, cohesion, and intimacy toward one another.Of course, PetCareRx jumped on the opportunity to introduce our furry family to office life. Check out our Facebook album,

Take Your Dog To Work Day 2013

!What do you think? Should dogs or pets in general be allowed in the workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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