7 Pet Events and Holidays to Celebrate in November



Pets and pet parents across the US will have plenty of reasons to celebrate this November. From events spreading the word about the joys of

adopting a pet to discussions of serious pet illnesses and our efforts to save pets, here's what's going on this month:

All Month

1.ย Adopt a Senior Dog Month


- The ASPCA has declared November Adopt a Senior Dog Month, raising awareness about the senior dogs in shelters everywhere who often get overlooked for younger dogs and puppies. Older dogs can make for more reliable companions, and adopting an older pet often means saving their life.

RELATED STORY: How to Adopt Shelter Dogs2. National Senior Pet Month - This similar event is celebrated all month long by animal shelters and hospitals around the country. Look for discounts on screenings and adoptions as a result, orย volunteer your time

to help senior pets in need.

3.ย National Pet Awareness Month

ย - Hosted by Kong, the makers of the ever-popular dog toy, this event is aimed at getting you and your pet more acquainted -- take a

training class or learn more about interpreting your pet's behavior.4. Nationalย Pet Cancer Awareness Month

ย - PetCareRx will be donating to the

National Canine Cancer Foundation

for every "like" on our

Facebook page

! Go help us cure cancer!

5.ย Pet Diabetes Month

ย - From Merck Animal Health, this event helps pet parents better understand the causes and symptoms of diabetes.

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First Full Week

6.ย National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week


- From The Humane Society of the United States, this event rallies support for all the hard work animal shelters do.

Nov 17

7. National Take a Hike Day

- To celebrate this day, head out to the great outdoors andย 

hike with your dog!

Last Thursday

Bonus " pet" holiday:>

So maybe this day isn't specifically about pets, but that shouldn't stop you from celebrating with them. Take a look at our

Complete Thanksgiving Cat and Dog Guide, including what foods you can share with your pets, which foods you can't, travel tips, costume ideas, and more!Which events will you be celebrating?Plus, take a look at the entire year's worth of pet celebrations: A Year of Cat and Dog Holidays
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