Cats And Marshmallows

Cats And Marshmallows

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You love to eat marshmallows after a hard day's work. The spongy consistency and sweet taste is heaven to your tongue. You might want to share the joy with your kitty. The problem is you are uncertain as to whether you will give marshmallows to your furball or not. Is the food safe for your cat? Or not?

No marshmallows, please

The short answer is unfortunately no. You must not give your cat marshmallows. Although this human delicacy is not toxic to cats, a few reasons exist as to why you must not feed these treats to the animal. An important reason is that marshmallows could choke your cat. These foods constitute a choking hazard to these small animals. This is the same reason as to why marshmallows should not be given to children aged below three years. The treat could get stuck in the throat of your cat. The Internet is full of reports of cats who have choked after eating the wrong kinds of food. In short, offering a marshmallow to your kitty could result in an extremely bad outcome.

Packed with sugar and sodium

Another negative mark against marshmallows is its high sugar content. One standard marshmallow has 4.1 grams sugar. This is extremely high for a cat. The standard house cat consumes approximately 300 calories every day. One standard marshmallow packs 23 calories. It means if you feed your cat these sugary treats, the animal will put on weight. It does not help matters that marshmallows have a high saturation of sodium. One standard marshmallow has 5.8 mg sodium. This is a large amount if you take into account the low sodium tolerance of the kitty.

Marshmallows are not toxic to cats. A number of cat owners believe it is fine to feed their furballs marshmallows. They give this sweet treat on an occasional basis. Do not do this. Any marshmallow piece could be a choking hazard to your kitty. This reason is sufficient not to offer this confection to the cat. On top of that are the super high amounts of sodium and sugar. Do remember cats are unable to taste sweets and thus your cat may not even like marshmallows as much as you think. If you want to reward your cat and give it a treat, use homemade or commercially manufactured treats. Sugary treats manufactured for humans are harmful towards cats.

To put it bluntly, marshmallows are harmful to the cats' overall health. These treats bring zero health benefits to the kitty's health. Even you eat the sugary treats for fun and not for nutrition. It is evident that marshmallows are junk food for kitties too. Do remember that cats have no incentive to eat marshmallows as they do not get the taste.

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