Here's How to Care for Your American Water Spaniel

Here's How to Care for Your American Water Spaniel

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Have your heart set on bringing home an American Water Spaniel? Educate yourself about tips on how to care for this dog breed beforehand, so you leave no gaps unplugged when looking after your pet.

American water spaniel basic info

The American Water Spaniel is a hunting dog, in essence, with a lust for the wild. However, it also doubles up as a great family dog option because of its agreeable and eager to please temperament. You won't have to struggle much to train this intelligent dog breed. Active and obedient, an American Water Spaniel makes for a good pet for apartment dwellers and house-owners alike.

Caregiving tips for this dog breed

The care that you give to your dog can be divided into the following areas -

  • Meal requirement โ€“ Your American Water Spaniel pup will require more food than your full-grown American Water Spaniel. While still a pup, your pet will require at least 2 bowls of food in the span of a day. Feed it four bowls in its infancy and cut down on the portion as it ages. When it becomes a year old, one full serving of food or two half-servings of food in a 24-hour period will suffice to meet your breed dog's appetite and dietary requirement.
  • Grooming โ€“ There is no need to bathe your American Water Spaniel more than a handful of times a year. Just brush its coat of fur regularly, to keep it clean and keep a check on its shedding. Doing so will also keep away ticks in warm weather.
  • Exercise-Thehe American Water Spaniel is high on energy. You'll need to find ways to expend this energy if you want to keep your pet from sulking or getting bored. A regular walk along the neighborhood won't do for this dog breed. Take it out to play in the park or go for your morning jog with your dog in tow.
  • Dental and ear-care โ€“ Although, this breed dog is known for quality teeth, make it a practice to brush its teeth twice a week to keep it clean and strong. Pet care professionals recommend that you clean out your spaniel's ear every week, to enable it to hear properly.

Overall, caring for an American Water Spaniel is not an expensive affair. You need to make sure that its appetite for food and exercise is met, to have a healthy and happy dog. It's grooming requirements are significantly low. A brush on its coat, now and then, will take care of its grooming needs for the most part. You may also choose to brush its teeth and clean its ear weekly to avoid any oral/aural complications later.

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