Cats And Babies

Cats And Babies

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Cats can exist harmoniously with babies in the same household. A few precautions, however, must be taken to keep both of them safe.

Before the baby's arrival

Since you are pregnant, keep the kitty within the house. Do not allow neighborhood cats to drop in or make friends with one. This is as a pregnant woman is susceptible o toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection. An expecting woman infected with this parasite may suffer a stillbirth or a miscarriage. The baby may suffer from birth defects like deafness, epilepsy, and blindness. If you like to potter in the garden, wear gloves when doing so. Follow the same procedure when you wash raw vegetables and fruits. Do not rub your eyes while you do these activities. The reason for taking such precautions is to stop the infection of cysts of toxoplasmosis. Fecal matter must be scooped at least twice every day to stop any feces from being infected.

A few cats may not take any sudden changes too well. Play baby noise tapes to acclimatize the kitty to the impending new environment. Rub baby lotion on hands before touching the cat. Place nursery furniture months before the baby's arrival. Allow your cat to investigate the baby's room before you declare that living volume off-limits When you are almost ready to give birth, make the surfaces you do not want your cat to intrude as much unwelcoming as possible. Put in double-sided masking tape as cats dislike sticky surfaces.

Change the position of the litter box from the nursery room to another month before the baby's arrival. If you do it swiftly, the cat will litter in its old place. Cover the old area with a dresser or a diaper pail to deter the animal.

After the baby comes home

Greet the cat in a peaceful atmosphere after you come back from the hospital with your baby. Allow the kitty to reconnect with you and also acquaint itself the first time with your baby. Do place a blanket used by the baby or any infant-wear in an area where the cat could investigate it. Ensure the crib along with other baby locations are out of reach to the kitty. A just born baby could not move her head so a cat seeking warmth could smother the infant. The door to the nursery must be closed when the baby sleeps. In case there is no door, install any screen door or position a tent over crib so that the cat could not get in. Such precautions will also stop the kitty from urinating inside the crib. This is a possibility as the presence of the baby could stress it out. Do not forget to spend time with your kitty like older times. This will make it happy.

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