Why a mother cat may abandon her kittens

Why a mother cat may abandon her kittens

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Kittens may be taken away from their mothers only when they cross the 10 weeks' old threshold. An exception can be done when the mum rejects one or multiple number of her babies. Mother cats do if the kitten is born weak or in ill-health. If you find a scrawny baby kitty, take it to your home and feed it until the kitten becomes healthy.


It must be said that not all kittens are abandoned. If the kittens look healthy, it means the mum is nearby, searching for food. Outdoor mom cats sometimes scatter their kittens to save them from predators. These kittens will appear well-fed and you will find them hidden in a safe place. If you see a kitten, then monitor the location until you see the mother coming back. Take the kitten only if she does not return. Kittens prowl while their mum is not present and can get stuck in tough places. It follows that if you see a mother cat nervously walking around, and a kitten crying in another place, there is a chance they are trying to locate one another.

Reasons for rejection

A mom cat may reject her kitten if it has an illness or a deformity. She does this to protect her other babies. Cats are picky and a kitten could be rejected for a minor defect. If you find a deformed kitten mewling on the road, take it home. Another reason could that the mom has developed mastitis. This is a mammary gland infection. The cat nipple gets swollen and hard. The kitten cannot suckle it and it is equal to being rejected.A mom cat can reject one or multiple babies if the litter size is too large for her to handle. A number of kittens mean inadequate quantity of milk for all. The mom could then make the decision to save the most healthy be rejecting the weaker ones. The mother will do this (if it does) within 24 hours of giving birth.Kittens are also rejected by a too young mom with less developed maternal skills. These kinds of moms would be disinterested or confused. A few moms may find their way, but most do not. A disinterested mother cat could be traumatized by the birth procedure. Hyper-vigilant moms could be nervous and kittens cannot thus peacefully suckle.If you see a rejected kitten, it is vital to take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible. Take the mom cat as well if possible. The veterinarian will check both of them and give them appropriate medicines. You need to feed the kittens milk replacement formula and also keep them in a warm place. A heated bed is needed if the kitten is below three weeks old.

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