Cat Affection

Cat Affection

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Cats do both nature and nurture when it comes to affection. As humans, it is the upbringing and the personality of the cat which determines how much affection it can have and show it. Both nurture and nature have equal weights when it comes to importance. The first four months of the cat matters the most to the animal. It is observed that a cat raised with a human family tends to be more attentive and affectionate. Feral kittens, in contrast, are scared. They are not affectionate as they never enjoyed human interactions before. However, with love and the passage of time, even these feral kittens grow up and love to make contact with humans. The personality of cats depends on individual canine.

Socialization and trust

The early socialization stage of a cat plays a vital role. If you adopt a feral, stray cat, do not forget to give it toys so that the kitten can play with it. The owner should love not only cats but also respect them. Do not hesitate to introduce your cat to all your friends as it grows. It is the responsibility of the owner to teach the cat that it is not permissible to nip and scratch humans. Kittens do this as it is ingrained in their hunting nature. If you do not forbid your cat to do these when it is a kitten, then it will grow up to be an aggressive feline.

It is important that you earn the trust of your cat. This element is essential to build an excellent bond and encourage mutual affection. There is no need to be caring all the time. Do not be pushy and stay calm when interacting with the cat. The feline will associate you with good things and you gain the cat's trust when all the conditions are met. Remember, if the cat's innate nature is to like people, it will overcome all negative situations to do so. A few cats trust only one or two humans and distrust all others.

Adaptable canines Cats are extremely adaptable and you can teach your senior cat new tricks. To do this, you should gently handle the cats and also reward them with treats during the bonding time. Doing these things will also help with the grooming and veterinarian visits of the kitty. The overall interaction will be much more improved. Do not touch the cat if it does not want to be touched. A few cats may run away as they may have suffered discomfort or felt afraid when they were being held. A cat will go to any length to avoid such situations. As an owner, you should pay particular attention to the health of your kitty.

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