5 Ways To Appreciate Your Cat For Everything She Does

5 Ways To Appreciate Your Cat For Everything She Does

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Showing affection to a dog can be very different from showing affection to a cat. Dogs understand that we love and care for them easily. Way more easily than cats. Some people think that it might even be impossible to show your cat that you love and appreciate her. This is often not true, you are more likely just going about it the wrong way. Cats and dogs are very different creatures and just like how they show affection in different ways, they need to be appreciated in different ways.Something we all know about cats are that they can be picky. This is also true when it comes to affection. Different cat breeds tend to prefer different methods of appreciation from their owners. Here are 5 things you could that you could do to show your cat that you love and appreciate her.

  1. Make time for her.In your busy daily schedule, it is easy to forget that you have to also spend time with your cat. But it is important to show appreciation. One way to build trust and bond with your cat, is by having interactive play sessions with her. If youโ€™re doing it the right way, you might even be giving her an opportunity to do what she loves the most โ€“ hunt. You could use toys to simulate a hunting environment. These sessions donโ€™t even have to be long. They could just be 5 โ€“ 10 minutes.
  2. Reciprocate the affection that they give you.Cat affection is harder to spot because theyโ€™re usually so subtle at it. But when they rub themselves on your feet or mark you with their scent, this is them showing that they love and value you as their human.
  3. Groom themCats love grooming. Just pay attention to his body language to better understand what it is exactly that he prefers. By grooming them, youโ€™re expressing your love for them by keeping their coat, teeth, nails, and ears on shape.
  4. Take time to learn what she likes.Some cats prefer being left alone while other love to cuddle. Watch how she reacts when you introduce her to something new to find out whether she likes it or not. Cats give more than one indication to tell us whether they like something or not. All we have to do is be observant.
  5. Reward them for their good behavior.Just like dogs, cats also love treats now and then. Try to stick to rewards that are not food like extended playtime or more mind stimulation toys. It is an excellent way to connect with your cat. She will really appreciate this time and you wonโ€™t regret it either!
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