Building Cat Shelves


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Cats love nothing more than climbing things and exploring them. They love to investigate anything new. This is the reason you should buy or make shelves specifically for your cat. Your kitty will keep busy for hours. Cat shelves are ideal not only for the cat but also for yourself too. You can relax while the cat plays above.

Sturdy shelf needs

If you do not want to buy a cat shelf, you can always make one. It must be safe and sturdy. To make this happen, you must make a better shelf. The project is not hard to do and any person with a rudimentary knowledge of carpentry can do it.

To make a cat shelf, you need wood. It is perfectly fine to recycle old furniture or you can buy wood from stores. Once you have bought the wood, buy a few brackets that match the wood. You also need power or manual tools with staple gun and staples. If you want to complete the job quickly, use power tools. Buy screws and a screwdriver which will fit the brackets and go through the wood you have purchased. The screws must not be too long as they will poke through the wood. You also need a level to mount the shelves to the wall, Buy materials to cover your shelf. Carpets make an excellent choice. Different shelves could have different textures. Safety goggle is a must before you begin the work.

How to make

To make quality shelves, decide how large you want the cat's shelves to be. Mark where you want the wood to be cut to the required size. Use a pencil to make the mark and cut it with a power tool or a manual one.

Take the brackets and attach them to the underside of the board, The screws must not poke through its top. Begin by putting the bracket's shorter end on wood and leave longer side so that it goes against the wall. The weight should go against this wall. Drill or screw the screws into their place. Ensure no screw pokes the other side. When you position brackets on wood, ensure the longer bracket be resting with the wall. It should be a flush arrangement.

Take the covering you would put on the shelf and size it so that it fits the shelf. Staple it to the sides if it is possible to do so. In case you are compelled to use strips and also staple the top, ensure the top staples go through the wood and nothing sticks out. In case anything sticks out, use the hammer to make staples flush into the wood. After you do these, take longer screws, anchors, and mount the new cat shelf.

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