Cat playground

Cat playground

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It is well-known that an unattended cat can destroy an apartment or a house. The cat will sharpen its claws on the expensive furniture. It will shred curtains. Any bored cat is a destructive animal. Kittens playing simulate hunts. This is as cats are natural predators. Their instincts are to stalk and chase before catching the prey. Cats use speed and agility to get what they want. They want to play when you are asleep. The solution to stop this kind of behavior is to buy or construct a playroom or feline jungle gym. You can control your cat by building it a playground.

Furniture for your kitty

You do not have to spend a lot of money if you have the skills to do everything yourself. Before you begin, understand the cat does not have much space for jumping and climbing. Your kitty likes a high point from where it could keep a close eye on its environment. It is a good idea to construct cat shelves using Ikea furniture. Cat stairs will also please the feline. This concept is like the installation of bookshelves. The only difference is that the boards will ascend up the walls for your kitty to climb. You can also make a fiberboard tree. If you are not much into carpentry, you can buy ready-made cat furniture at any pet retailer.The comfort of your cat must always be in your mind. The cat must feel at home in the new environment you have designed for it. The easiest way to do it is to designate a particular room and fill it up with the cat's favorite toys. The simplest way to achieve this is to install a scratching post. Not doing this means you come home to a shredded sofa. Younger cats will want something tall to climb and stretch their claws. Older cats will not show much interest in tall items. In case you are unsure of what to buy, observe the behavior of your cat. See whether the cat stretches up and scratch the scratching post or it kneads on the ground. The former is the sign of a more active cat. A lazy cat will go for the latter.

Social cats

Cats are extremely sociable creatures which get depressed if they are lonely for a long time. This is the reason you should purchase interactive cat toys. Stock up the playroom of the cat with laser pointers. Engage the feline's night hunting instincts with those toys whose eyes have light and they glow realistically in dark. You can also buy a mat which lights up when they step on it. This will keep the cat engaged until the morning. Be environmentally friendly by buying green items.

How To Construct The Best Cat Playroom At Home

Although cats enjoy lots of โ€œmeโ€ time, it does not mean they want to be confined. If you are in a generous mood to create a space for your kitty, you can make home alterations to make it possible. Include a few glass dividers to make this area appear larger for both your kitty and for humans as well. It is a good idea to install big sliding doors. Your cats will enjoy the large amounts of daylight pouring in even though they are comfortable inside the house. Glass partitions will keep your cat happy but safe.

Get a catwalk

Every cat wants to look down on others and catwalk is a natural thing to have inside its room. It is extremely simple to do this. Install a beam fixed high on the walls, preferably a foot underneath the ceiling. Install a few access ramps too to help your kitty get to the beam.


Your cat loves to climb. Buy a few cat trees so that it could climb and perch on the top to its heart's content. These structures give your kitty an excellent workout. Gyms are essential for younger cats as they have abundant energy to burn during the daytime. If your cats are older, purchase shorter trees. They will provide senior cats the physical stimulation they need.


Cats, like their owners, like to watch television. They, however, do not prefer soap operas. Put a cartoon or a wildlife channel for them to watch. Do turn the TV off during bedtime. Do always have the remote control in your hand and make your kitty understand that you control the TV. If you do not, there can be problems.

Good sleep

It is important your cat enjoys a good nap. Buy and install a good quality Kitty Sill. This is a bed which is attached to the window sill. Do not forget to buy a variety of kitty hammocks and cat beds all over the room. This will help your cat to enjoy a disturbance-free, sound sleep.

A bathroom for your cat

There is a limit to how much litter boxes you can change. To stop this incessant changing, buy one which can be attached to the plumbing. The motion sensor will automatically flush once the kitty has vacated the box. In case you cannot make or afford such an expensive option, select a spill-proof box which automatically controls the odors. The end result? You will enjoy a sweet smelling and clean cat playroom.Pain the wall green as cats love green. Add plants which the cat can chew and gnaw all through the day and night. Feeling brave? Grow your personal catnip. Do however be prepared for a wild kitty.

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