All You Need To Know About Lure Coursing

All You Need To Know About Lure Coursing

Image Source: Pixabay.comWhat is lure coursing?

Lure coursing is a sort of sport for dogs that involves chasing a mechanical lure. It gives dogs the chance to chase, jump, and sniff the ground- everything that dogs love doing. Modern lure courses utilize an artificial lure which is attached to a pulley for the dogs to chase. Competition in lure coursing was usually limited to purebred sight-hound breeds of dogs. However, the sport is now open for all dogs irrespective of their breed.

Why is lure coursing so special?

The best part of lure coursing is it allows dogs to participate in an activity that comes naturally to them. They are able to enjoy themselves in a controlled and safe environment without the danger of obstacles. Lure coursing is the best way to exercise your dog as it involves chasing, running and jumping. Dogs are thrilled by the chase and makes them active in a big way.

How is lure coursing done?

Lure coursing uses a simple equipment consisting of 300 meters of fishing line looped around many pulleys that are set to form a course. A plastic bag is attached to the fishing line and a battery-operated motor is used to power the pulleys. The motor can stop the lure or change its direction at any time.A system of tin pipes, in which the lure goes through and stops inside, is developed for regular dogs. The system causes dogs to search for the lure either by sniffing the ground or looking in or under the pipe. The lure is fun because it can either make its way through the pipe or reverse to trick the dog by emerging out from the opposite side.

Which dogs can participate in lure coursing?

The American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) and the American Kennel Club (AKC) are two groups that sanction the sport in the United States. Participation in lure coursing is usually open to purebred sight-hounds, but the ASFA has made some exceptions by opening the sport for all kinds of breeds. However, dogs must be at least a year old to be able to participate in the sport. Spayed and emasculated dogs are also allowed to participate in lure coursing, but dogs with retained testicles do not qualify for the competition.

Health concerns associated with lure coursing

Although lure coursing is an appealing sport for dogs, it is not free from health concerns. Dogs exert their joints to a great extent; thinner dogs exert less pressure compared to fatter and larger dogs. Dogs having short noses such as pugs must be taken care of because their bodies tend to overheat.Lure coursing is a great sport for dogs because it does not require rigorous training. The sport allows dogs to follow their natural instincts and make a huge difference in their overall behavior.

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