Best Practices to Maintain When Giving Your Dog Treats Things you must remember before giving treats to your dog

Best Practices to Maintain When Giving Your Dog Treats

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Giving treats is a great way to keep them happy and obedient to you. However, do it wrong, and they might fall sick or gain too much weight. Therefore, itโ€™s of utmost importance that you know about the best practices to follow when giving your dog treats.

Feeding your dog treats is a fun way to reward them and make them feel good. However, it can get out of hand if you're not careful with what you give your dog. Here are some tips for how to treat your pup without going overboard.

Stick to One or Two Types of Treats

Many people may be tempted to consider their dog's treat size when deciding how many treats to give them. However, it's important to realize that you should stick to one or two types of treats for your dog. The reason why is that it can lead to overfeeding and an unhealthy diet.

If you feed your pet too many treats, they could gain weight and develop health issues like obesity or diabetes as a result. They might also be more likely to experience dental problems or bad breath if they regularly eat sugar-filled treats with no nutritional value other than calories.

To avoid these unfortunate outcomes, only offer your pet one or two types of high-quality dog food each day so that they are receiving all the nutrients they need instead of relying on junk food alone for nutrition.

If you’re feeding your dog Milk Bone Dog Treats, stick to it throughout. If you want to switch to the treats made by Pedigree Dog Food, do so gradually. Don’t make a quick switch, as it will throw your dog off balance. 

When storing the treats away from their packets, use different dog food storage containers for different treats. Don’t mix the two up, as it can cause them to lose their individual tastes.  

There are also treats that cater to dogs with sensitive skin or allergy problems, like the ones from Hill’s Prescription Diet. These treats contain hydrolyzed proteins. Such proteins are sourced from plants and animals. They are so small that the immune system doesn’t react to their presence, allowing them to pass through the body without triggering allergies. 

Some treats also provide dental care to your dog, like the ones produced by Blue Buffalo Dog Food. Dental chews often contain xanthan gum. Lining the treats with this gum helps prevent cavities in your dog’s teeth. The same gun is used for several other purposes, including dental products for humans, like toothpaste. 

Keep Your Dog's Treat Intake Low

Treats are great, but they shouldn't be the main part of your dog's diet. Remember, treats should only comprise 10% of your canine companion's daily food intake. They should never replace a meal or even be given in place of a meal, especially because they can cause health problems if over-consumed. Treats should only be used during training sessions and when you're out on walks together, not as an everyday snack.

Be Mindful of Your Dog’s Weight

It is important to remember that your dog’s weight can be affected by treats. Dogs can become overweight or underweight, and this can happen if they eat too many treats. You should think about how many treats your dog gets each day and make sure he doesn’t take in too much food.

If you do give your dog a treat, it’s a good idea to weigh him before and after so you know how much the treat weighs. If his weight increases significantly because of the treats, you may want to cut back on how much he has access to them each day.

On the other hand, if your dog loses too much weight, increasing the number of treats could help him gain some extra pounds back. 

You can feed your dog Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight dog food if you would want it to lose weight. Royal Canin also produces a similar type of dog food that helps with weight management in dogs.

Losing weight together with your dog is another thing you can try if your dog is overweight. Research shows that when attempting to lose weight together with your dog, you have a better chance of losing more weight. At the same time, it’s a habit that will improve the bond that exists with your dog.

Your dog will appreciate it if you take the time to give them treats they really enjoy. A little thought and effort will go a long way toward making an otherwise mundane routine activity more fun for both of you.

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