The Fundamentals of Dog Nutrition

The Fundamentals of Dog Nutrition

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When it comes to dog nutrition, it is not much different from that of us humans. Dogs require the same kind of nutrition as we do. It is important for dogs to eat the right kind of food to be healthy and safe from contracting any kind of disease. Although they need the same kind of nutrition, does not mean that they should eat our kind of food. Dogs should have their very own diet plan, which while takes care of their nutrition needs also abides by the kind of food they are allowed to eat.Like humans, dogs are also susceptible to gaining weight or contracting cancer. Eating the wrong kind of food which is rich in acid and irritate their abdominal tract can lead to many kinds of diseases as well. Therefore, good knowledge of what kind of food and diet is good for your dog can help in ensuring a long and healthy life for them.

Diet rich in protein

Your dogโ€™s diet should provide it with good amounts of protein in the forms of meat, fish and eggs. Puppy chow offers good amount of protein for puppies but it is not enough protein for grown up dogs. Poultry should be included in their diets in the right amounts. If your dog is reluctant to have chicken then try switching it up by introducing something like the Holistic Select Duck Dry Dog Food to their diet. Soybeans and cornmeal are not healthy for both humans and dogs. Hence, both these protein sources should be avoided. If you are buying dog biscuits, make sure they do not contain cornmeal or soybean.

No cookies policy

Cookies can do a lot of harm to a dogโ€™s health. You can feed your dog cookies sparingly, but in excess it can cause major health issues. You can give them sweet treats as they are absolutely fine. Make sure that the sweets you give them are rich in dietary fiber which helps the dog have a balanced diet. Oatmeal cookies are the one type of cookie that is great for dogs.

Limited treating

Too many treats is not a healthy feeding pattern. You should restrict treating your dog with dog biscuits as much as possible. Use them as a reward or when you are out but not as a substitute to proper dog food.

No over feeding

Each dog should be fed according to their size. There are packaged foods available in the markets that specify the amount of food each type of dog should be fed. Study the labels well to ensure you are not over-feeding your dog.

Donโ€™t feed leftovers

Food leftovers should not be given to dogs as our food is not necessarily good for them. For example, giving your dog sloppy joe sandwiches and broccoli is not a good idea as these are not healthy for them. The fat from steak is fine as it is good for them.

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