Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

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Sleep is an important part of our lives as it dictates our energy levels in our waking hours and our productivity. โ€œSleeping Compatibilityโ€ is all about getting good and adequate sleep with another being and not getting disturbed with a person who snores, consumes too much bed space, hogs the covers, nods off on to the sound of the TV, etc. What about sleeping with your dog? What are the advantages?

Improves the Sleep Quality and sense of Security

A research study learned that people sleeping with pets actually sleep better because it gives them a sense of security.

Increases the Coziness Levels.

Sleeping with your dog can give a person extreme physical comfort and increases the level of coziness, which could be due to the mutual warmth and rhythmic breathing.

Helps fight Insomnia.

It could also help fight insomnia. The physical presence of your pet dog could add a sense of security and relieve stress. The presence of both factors could contribute to a night of inadequate sleep.

Provides Physical Warmth

The warm body of your pet dog by the bedside with its inclination to snuggle up to you works like a heating device. Perhaps it may not be too comfortable in summers, but surely increases the temperature, adding to some physical warmth on a cold night.

A Source of Unconditional Love.

Which human cannot do with unconditional love, particularly on a dark night with troubled thoughts lurking in the mind and around the eyelids? Pet dogs are known for providing such love, with no expectations in return, which can work miracles during troubled nights.

Adds a Comforting Sense

The sheer knowledge of anotherโ€™s existence, guarding you, when you are exposed to your weaker moments is a very comforting feeling. The dogโ€™s high sense of sound and inclination to bark or growl at danger moments, adds to a very comforting sense.

Can even lower BP

A dog sleeping next to you can actually lower your blood pressure, should you suffer from hypertension.There are so many health benefits to sleeping with a dog that many of them have been brought into hospitals, care homes and hospices as therapy dogs.

Increases Bonding.

Sleeping with your dog can increase the bonding between pet and parent. To the dog, the parent is the best person in its world and so permitting them spend some additional hours with you could earn you some brownie points. Besides, both you and the pet receive comfort from each other and so this sleep arrangement is good for both.

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