How To Successfully Train Your Puppy


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If you are a first-time dog owner, you may feel intimidated with the amount of training required for your puppy. Even for experienced owners, training requires effort and patience. It is important that you start training as early as possible. Puppies of all breeds can learn basic and simple commands like โ€œsitโ€ or โ€œstayโ€ when they are as young as 7 to 8 weeks.Even though each dog has different needs, and some techniques that work well on one may not have the same effect on another, there are a few ground rules that work extremely well. Here are some tips to help you in successfully training your puppy.

Decide โ€œhouse rulesโ€ and strictly follow through

Decide on the โ€œhouse rulesโ€ before your puppy comes home, and make sure that you strictly follow them every time. Knowing what he is allowed to do and where he is allowed to go will facilitate the training process for both of you. For example, is he allowed on the couch? Is he allowed on the bed? Are there any rooms in the house that are off limits?

Familiarize him with his own name

Pick a name as soon as possible and make sure that he knows it. Familiarizing him with his own name is the trick that makes all other training possible. Call him by his name regularly and teach him to come to you when you call his name. When he does, reward him with treats. This will help in reinforcing this behaviour.

Give him his own space

Make sure that your puppy has his own space, usually a doggie bed or a den made of wood. Cushion it comfortably and add a pillow and a blanket. This will help him lighten up and rejuvenate. Do not let anyone or any other pet share it, as this alone time he spends in his own place will help him stay calm and relaxed. Remember to provide food and water in his own bowls.

Use treats as reinforcement

Every time your puppy is obedient or learns a new command, reward him with his favourite treats or affection. Let him know that he is โ€œa good boyโ€ and show him how happy you are with him. This technique works with all kinds of dogs and many well trained dogs are testimony of its success.

Be patient while housetraining

House training or potty training is perhaps the most intimidating of all. Remember that no puppy is fully house trained until he is 6 months old. It takes patience and consistency. It is recommended that you start house training your puppy between 12 to 16 weeks old.Give him easy access to his litter box, and remember to reward him with treats when he uses it. If possible, place them not just in one place. Also feed him at the same time every day so as to maintain an in/out routine. 

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