Choosing The Right Dog Bed For Your Pet



Dogs tend to sleep a lot more than humans so your pooch will be extra happy to a have a bed of its own. Picking a

dog bed

however, is a lot more complicated than going to the pet store and picking the first thing you see. You have to consider your dog's size, breed, sleeping habits and a lot more, before picking the right bed. Let's have a look at them:

  • CleaningPick a bed that is easily washable as dog beds have to be cleaned at least once a week or bi-weekly. This is to avoid dirt, fleas and germs from affecting both you and your pooch. Small beds are easier to clean as they can be put in the washing machine. If you have a larger dog, they will need larger beds that have to be hand-washed or commercially washed.
  • SizeDog beds are meant to give your pooch an extra layer of comfort along with a feeling of security. Pick beds that your dog can comfortably stretch out on but not too large. Beds that are too large for your dog will make it feel less secure. Moreover, smaller dogs are more vulnerable to the cold, so cozy beds are recommended to keep the drafts out. Beds for larger dogs are similar to mattresses and have memory foam for comfort. Crib mattresses are also a choice for large or extra large dogs.
  • TemperatureDogs with thick fur or long fur have a tendency to over-heat so open mattresses that are not too thick will work wonders for them. On the other side, hairless dogs need extra protection and there are cave type beds for them. Since most hairless dogs are small, they will love the cozy feeling of being covered.
  • Other factorsYour dog's sleeping style, activity level and your budget also need to be considered before buying a bed. Active dogs need thicker mattresses as they tend to jump around. If your dog likes to sprawl out then open beds are a good choice, if not, you can choose more burrowed beds. Dog beds are available in a bunch of different styles and prices so take your budget into consideration before buying one.
  • Special needsDogs that are older and have joint pains usually need foam mattresses for comfort. Smelly dogs can use cedar beds to deal with the odor. Anxious dogs love curling up so cozy beds are best for them. If you're a green family then there are also beds made of recycled materials.

Whichever dog bed you decide to buy, it has to match your dog's and your needs. Pick wisely and both of you will be happy.

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