The Latest And Most Innovative Litter Options That Every Cat Owner Must Try Out

The Latest And Most Innovative Litter Options That Every Cat Owner Must Try Out

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As a proud cat owner, a litter box is one of the most important accessories that you will be using on a regular basis. However, you might also be well aware of the fact that these adorable fur balls can be quite finicky when it comes to the type of litter you fill up their box with. With tremendous innovation in pet food and supplies, choosing the right accessory for your little kitten can be quite overwhelming. To make things a tad easier for you, we have compiled a list of some of the latest innovations in cat litters that you can take your pick from.

Flushable Litter

One of the most popular alternatives to the conventional clay litter, the flushable litter box provides more convenient disposal of the soiled litter and allows you to keep it clean and well maintained for years. In addition to this, most flushable litters in the market nowadays feature odor control and an attractant that is pretty assistive in potty training your four legged pal.

Silica Gel Litter

Also known as the crystal litter, this litter box comprises litter made of silica gel that provides a trackless and odorless solution to your kittyโ€™s litter needs. Given its tremendous absorbent power, the silica gel litter proves to be extremely cost efficient with around 4-5 pounds of litter lasting you over a month at a time. Since there is not dust in the silica gel litter box, your catโ€™s paws stay clean and do not track the house.

Cedar Litter

If odor is a major concern for you, then the cedar litter is a great option for you to try out. The cedar litter exudes a fresh woody fragrance and is relatively lighter as compared to the traditional clay litter. Apart from being more long lasting as compared to the clay litter, the cedar litter is also lighter on your pocket. Also, since the cedar litter does not comprise any dust particles, your cat can breathe healthily.

Organic Litter

For all our environment lovers out there, the organic litter is a highly practical and eco-friendly alternative to the other synthetic litters available in the market. These litters incorporate the use of biodegradable materials and are largely free of any synthetic chemicals, dust particles or other toxic substances. Organic litters are not only beneficial for the environment but also promote your petโ€™s health and well being.

Washable Litter

One of the major concerns with all cat litters is the need to constantly replace the used litter bed with fresh material. The washable litter is a unique innovation that eliminates the need to replace your litter bed every now and then. The litter granules typically last for a few months and can be easily washed and sanitized to be reused.Employing the right kind of cat litter is critical to ensuring good health and well being of your feline friend. A little research will help you zero in on the most suitable litter box that will keep your furry little friend happy and stress-free.

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