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Beautiful White Dog Breeds

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There's something majestic about an all-white dog -- perhaps because they remind us of an Arctic Wolf. Take a look at these dogs breeds that can come with all-white coats.

White dog breeds are perceived to be of a certain status -- their purity of coat gives them an undeniable elegance. As with all beautiful things, though, they can sometimes require a little extra work.

A lack of pigmentation causes fur to become white, and light-colored eyes in dogs comes from the same essential deficiency. Color cells and hearing cells can originate from the same stem cells, so white dogs of all sizes can sometimes develop hearing loss. A dog’s whiteness is not a cause of deafness, per se, but it may be an indication of what’s to come. Before adopting, it’s recommended that you test a dog’s hearing. Responsible breeders will exclude deaf dogs from the breeding pool.

And if your white dog does turn out to be deaf? Don’t worry. Some extra care is required, but loads of people manage without feeling burdened. A little extra arm waving to get a dog’s attention never hurt anyone!

Small White Dog Breeds


A favorite among retirees and apartment-dwellers, the Maltese is a loving, medium-energy pet. Because their white fur is so silky, they’re prone to sunburn, especially along parts in their fur or around the ears. Although Maltese dogs are small, they can have great big personalities, and should not be overly babied. Maltese dogs can be stubborn, but with the right boundaries established, they make excellent and well-behaved companions.


Poms come in a variety of colors, including white. Among the fluffiest of all dogs, a Pomeranian’s fur can be as wide and tall is the dog is long, giving them a round ball-like appearance. White Pomeranians have been likened to cotton balls and dandelion pollen. They’re sweet in temperament, and tend to bond very quickly with their people, and with other pets in the house.

Other small white dogs include:

The Bichon Frise, the Miniature Poodle, the Shih Tzu, the American Eskimo Dog, the Chihuahua, and more.

Medium Sized White Dog Breeds


Willful, but loving and very trainable, the Akita originated in Japan. Some more recent Akitas have a black mask, but the original breed was solid white. Their fur is short and coarse, and requires lots of regular grooming. Akitas make great guard dogs, but must have devoted families to help keep them appropriately sociable.

Siberian Husky

Huskies may come in several colors, but are especially striking in all white (especially when they have light eyes). They’re lovable, friendly, high-energy dogs. They make a great family pet, as long as they get plenty of exercise. Just be careful -- Huskies originate in frigid climates, and were bred as sled dogs. They shouldn’t be allowed to overheat.


This Hungarian sheepdog looks like the most elegant mop you could ever hope to see. They have a distinctive rope-like fur that looks like dred locks, and requires no brushing. Professional grooming is recommended to separate and trim the ropes. Komondors require strong leadership and early socialization. With this care, they can be excellent family dogs.

Other mid-sized dogs that can be all white include:

The American White Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Samoyed, and more.

Large White Dog Breeds

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo, also called the Argentine Mastiff, can weigh up to 100 pounds. They were bred to be companion and hunting dogs, and still make great hunters. They tend to be lovable with children and other pets, and make an all around great pet. Remember their size: despite being loving and intelligent, they are a powerful breed, and should be trained appropriately.


Among the largest breeds out there, Kuvasz males can weigh upwards of 100 pounds. These dogs were bred to guard livestock in Hungary, and so have strong territorial instincts. These traits can also make the Kuvasz a bit strong headed. Speciality training is recommended if you wish to make them a docile house pet, or if they’ll be interacting with children.

Other large white dog breeds include:

The Pyrenees, the Rajapalyam (one of the few breeds that originated in India), and the Great Dane.

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