Autumn is here. How Do You Take Care of Your Pet?


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Autumn is a great time for people to be outdoors, playing with kids and pets and enjoying the crisp breeze. You may already have made plans to spend the weekends outdoors, and your little furry friend is very much a part of those plans. After all, how do you leave it alone at home? It's heart-aching to even think about it, right?But autumn requires you to pay attention to your pet. You simply cannot drag your pet into your plan without taking proper precautions. You have to understand that animals have certain exacting survival requirements that humans don't always have. No matter what we do, balk in the autumn sunshine or curl up in a blanketย  before a TV, our pets will require some care.

How to take care of pets during autumn?

The following are four tips to help you take care of your pet this fall:

Be careful of fungus

Some parts of the US are wet as spring even if its fall. That means that more mushrooms would mark floors and backyards. While some mushrooms are safe, others could be fatally toxic. It's important that you know how to distinguish between the toxic and non-toxic mushrooms. But it's recommended that you remove all kinds of fungus from your home or its surroundings because you never know your pet might gobble it by mistake.

Look for ticks

Whether it's summer or winter, ticks actually never leave your pet alone. Some studies suggest that there are certain tick species which can survive in winters also. You should ensure that your pet is free of ticks. Remove all kinds of litter from the house so that ticks don't get any breeding place.ย  You should also consider using tick control products and repellents if you are planning to spend more time outdoors, either camping or trekking.

Beware of rat poison

Autumn is the time when rats, mice, and other rodents become prevalent. They look for warmth, and the only place they find it is your home. It's not uncommon to use rat poisons and mouse traps to control their infestation. But such a thing can be harmful for your pet. The carcasses of the dead rodents may also reach your pet's mouth without you knowing it. So its important that you keep a check on them.

Check for antifreeze toxicity

You may be preparing your car for winters by changing antifreeze fluid. But for your knowledge, antifreeze fluid can be extremely dangerous for pets. Part of the issue is the presence of ethylene glycol, the smell of which can be very enticing to pets. So it's important that you don't expose your pet to it. You should keep them away from the garage while you are changing the fluid.

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