Spring Is Here! Here's How to Care for Your Pet


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Are you excited that spring is almost here? Are you going to be taking up spring cleaning soon or renovating your home? Are you excited to start gardening again? Although spring is a time for all this and more, it is also a time when your pets are at risk of falling seriously ill. How can you ensure your pets enjoy spring as much as you do?

  • Choose home cleaning products with care: A number of common home cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic for humans and pets alike. Pets tend to sniff or lick everything, including these products, which could cause poisoning and toxicity in pets. Ensure you choose cleaning products that are mind and do not contain toxic chemicals that can harm you and your pets.
  • Keep pets away from home renovation materials: Pets tend to sniff products like paints and thinners to know what they are. Dogs may lick these products and cats may ingest them while grooming if they have had bodily contact with the products. Ingestion could cause a lot of serious health problems for your pet, so it is best to keep them locked out of the rooms that contain these products.
  • Watch out for fleas and ticks: Springtime is when you will see a lot of bugs around the house and in the garden. This is also a time when ticks and fleas breed and become active again, making your pets susceptible to being infested with these bugs. Keep a close watch on your pets and get them treated right away if you notice ticks or fleas on them.
  • Keep pets away from gardening equipment and chemicals: Just like other cleaning and renovation products, gardening products such as fertilizers and pesticides can contain chemicals that can harm your pet if ingested. Ensure that you store these products away from your pets. Keep your pets indoors when you are out gardening and have these products lying round or are using them in your garden.
  • Watch out for allergies in your pets: Many people have constant and acute allergic reactions during spring. This is mainly because the air is full of pollen and there are a lot of insects that can cause allergic reactions around. Just like you, your pets are also susceptible to allergies during spring. If you notice your pet sneezing often, scratching a lot, or having trouble breathing, take your pet to the vet right away for a check-up.

Keep a watch on your pets and ensure you keep them away from products that could be toxic for them, and you and your pets can both enjoy the spring without any fear.

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