Why is your Cat always Hungry?


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It always looks like dogs are always hungry because no matter how often you feed them, they always act like it is the first meal of the day. On the other hand, food doesnโ€™t always motivate cats. However, if your feline starts asking for food, every time you stand up or start moving, there is a deeper reason as to why your cat is behaving this way.

There are worms in your catโ€™s body

Internal parasites, such as worms cause a lot of problems in cats in the long run. Worms will start consuming a huge portion of the nutrition, which your cat consumes. As a result of this, the cat will continue to eat large quantities of food, as it isnโ€™t getting enough nutrition.If your feline eats fleas by accident, it may get worms, as they are carriers. However, there are several medications which can get rid of these worms. The vet will examine the feces, before suggesting the appropriate medications.

Your cat isnโ€™t meeting its regular nutritional requirements

When you eat a lot of food but still feel hungry within an hour, it is an indicator that the ingredients are not high-quality. The same applies to your feline, as low-quality food doesnโ€™t meet its nutritional requirements. Due to this reason, your cat will continue to consume large amounts of food to get the necessary nutrition. Try switching to cat food which is dense in nutrients, and see if there is a change.

Your feline is feeling bored and lonely

When you feel lonely or bored, you start eating food because it helps alleviate the problem. Similarly, your feline behaves the same way, as it doesnโ€™t know how to keep itself occupied. Rather than leaving a huge bowl of food every day, invest in toys which will keep your feline engaged for hours.

Your cat feels depressed

When your feline feels depressed, it will start consuming food, as it helps soothe its feelings. There are several reasons which can cause depression such as not spending enough time with you, you moved into a new household, or it lost a companion. You should try to play with your cat on a regular basis so that you can get it out of this mindset.

Your cat is suffering from diabetes or hyperthyroidism

If your felineโ€™s thyroid gland is overactive, it leads to hyperthyroidism, which causes constant pangs of hunger. One way to confirm this is if your cat continues to eat large portions regularly, without gaining a single pound in weight.Another reason why your feline feels hungry all the time is due to diabetes. As the catโ€™s body cannot process the glucose from food properly, the feline feels thirsty and hungry all the time.These are the four reasons why your cat is always hungry. Do you have anything to say on this subject? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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