Are Flea Dips Effective?


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If you own a cat or a dog, youโ€™re sure to experience a flea problem sooner or later. Now, when it comes to fleas, there are a dozen solutions out there that claim to fix the issue. Flea dips happen to be one of them. However, not many pet owners know much about flea dips and thatโ€™s exactly the issue that this write-up aims to address. So, letโ€™s start by figuring out what flea dips are.

What are Flea Dips?

Flea dips are said to have originated sometime in the 1870s. It is believed that they were originally used by farmers to treat sheep and cattle. The dip was used as an all-purpose solution to treat everything from fleas to ticks. At least, thatโ€™s what newspapers from that era tell us. The dip then became popular among pet owners after they got to know about its effectiveness on cattle and sheep.However, flea dips did go through a lot of change over the years. Most of the stuff you get now comes with Pyrethrin, which is a concentrated version of Pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is a naturally processed insecticide, which is derived from the flowers of the chrysanthemum plant. The pyrethrin shuts down the parasiteโ€™s nervous system, which results in death. Thatโ€™s how flea dips help get rid of fleas. You can buy flea dips for as little as $12, which is one of the reasons they remain a popular option for pet owners.Once you buy the dip, all you have to do is apply the dip on the petโ€™s fur using a sponge. The other option is to pour it over the petโ€™s body. The dip stays on the animalโ€™s body and doesnโ€™t get washed off for quite a while. This gives the pyrethrin enough time to eliminate the fleas. So, to answer your question directly, flea dips are quite effective. However, you need to careful. There are considerations to made.


There are issues concerning the safety of flea dips. In fact, some veterinarians are against their use completely. However, you can prevent harm from coming to your pet by administering a flea dip the right way. For starters, keep an eye on the dosage. Talk to your vet about how much flea dip needs to be administered. If you are careless, you could end up causing your petโ€™s death. Certain studies have shown that many pet deaths are linked to the use of pyrethrin. Also, avoid the โ€œmore is betterโ€ approach. This is a horrible approach to follow, especially when dealing with chemicals. Follow the vetโ€™s instructions concerning dosage. Also, find out whether the dip is specifically concocted for cats or dogs. This is more important than you think. Cats are known to be sensitive and a flea dip for dogs could be too strong for them.

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