Amazing Cat Circus

Amazing Cat Circus

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The feline performers of Amazing Acro-Cats leap and jump through hoops. They also play a number of musical instruments! When they get bored or tired, the Chicago based company employees publicly quit what they were playing and let them wander into the audience so that their fans can shower them with kisses and cuddle them!

Martin and company

The circus and the music band was founded by Samantha Martin, who also owns all the cats performing in the circus and in the band called โ€œThe Rock-Catsโ€. Both owner and cats travel all over the United States. They are-not surprisingly-much in demand and almost every cat has done a commercial. The Acro-Cats have starred together in a Target advertisement. They are so popular that as Martin tells the show's fans: the company schedule is packed tight like sardines.

Martin manages a total of 14 cats. All except two are female. Other than cats, the Amazing Acro-Cats also features three performing rats (all females), and one male groundhog. The star of the musical is Cluck Norris, a hen. Norris plays cymbals in the band. She also lays eggs which other members eat. Helping Martin out is her assistant Seunga Park and publicist Polly Smith. All of them travel together in a specially kitted bus fitted out to give the cats maximum comfort. The bus also has a master bedroom specially for the cats.

Fully trained felines

For those who are interested to know more about the company, they will be surprised to hear that Martin's first venture was with rats and not cats. Indeed, the circus was initially named "The Amazing Acro-Rats." Visitors could watch rodents doing many tricks. She soon found out that the audience size would be more if she showed cats doing tricks and soon substituted rats for cats. The gamble paid off. Every show is a sell-out.

The Amazing Acro-Cats is proud to have Alley the Cat, a feline which holds the world record -and a Guinness Certified jump record- for the longest jump in cat history. She made a six feet jump in October 2013. For those who are concerned with animal cruelty, fear not. All animals, including the cats, are taught their tricks by positive reinforcement, like food treats and clicker training. No cat is ever scolded or punished. The company does gratefully accepts volunteers to cuddle and look after the cats in-between shows. Martin especially prefers people who can fix the bus related problems as the vehicle is past its prime and regular maintenance is needed to keep it running. They also accept if you make an offer for the cats to stay somewhere for a couple of days. The Rock-Cats are the only feline rock band in the world.

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